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    Changed Status to Closed
  2. davidtmercer

    753 roller without hood

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. davidtmercer


    The good : original parts and paint, starts, runs, moves forward and reverse, tires/tubes hold air. The bad: won't run smooth at high rpm, small leak in hydro transmission, missing starter belt guard and cushion seat, Have 425 mower deck and dozer blade available for extra
  4. davidtmercer

    753 roller without hood

    Transmission needs removed, split and inspected, won't shift into all gears. Items of value are the tires, seat, and guards which I don't want to part out. Can deliver to Mentone if paid in advance.
  5. davidtmercer


    Rebuilt transmission. Very good tires. Engine complete but needs replaced. Dozer blade and mowing deck available for extra. Firm on price.
  6. davidtmercer

    BD-4263 dozer blade questions

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
  7. Was wondering if those who know from experience can educate me on the proper installation and operation of a BD-4263 dozer blade that I am trying to install and use on a 875 tractor. 1) I assume I need to use the old style mounting brackets which appear to position the blade frame closer to the ground and allows it to be properly lifted using the manual lift handle from ground level to the maximum height restricted by the front axle. 2) I also assume that I need the longer lift link (part 2377) for proper lift operation but was going to just use some threaded rod and trunnions instead due to availability and cost. 3) Unless the plow has been modified from the original factory design, the dozer foot pedal release located on the right side is positioned such that you need an extremely small foot to activate the pivoting of the blade.
  8. davidtmercer

    Sunstrand hydro running opposite direction

    Problem solved. Thanks again for your assistance. After picture shown below.
  9. davidtmercer

    Sunstrand hydro running opposite direction

    Thanks for the replies gentlemen,. I will try turning the motor. I received it from an individual who did not know the history. I had to re-install the pump and currently have it installed on a C-121 and was pleasantly surprised that it moved back and forth with authority but disappointed that it was the opposite of the lever movement (reversing the motor could be a good practical joke if there wasn't any risk of injury, property damage). Will keep you posted.
  10. I am having issues with a Sundstrand Hydro (90-1136) running in the opposite direction, when moving the lever forward it travels in reverse. When pulling the lever backward it travels forward. Any help would be appreciated.
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  12. davidtmercer

    Pre 1977 C series auto

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  13. Hi David

     I do not know why it didn't go through..try this email address.   adventure_abound@hotmail.com





  14. davidtmercer

    A-81 REBUILD

    Al, I don't know if you remember me but I live in Middlebury, IN and purchased a short block 12 hp engine from you a couple of years ago (you also gave me some double d-type mower blades). I recently acquired an A-81 from a guy in Michigan which appears to be original but the cone type PTO for engaging the mower deck is broken. The tractor and 32" side discharge deck are in excellent shape. I was hoping to fix it but it is going to take more time than I expected and is taking up valuable space in my garage. I don't have much invested in it and would like to give it (or trade) to someone who would get it running again. Let me know if you (or someone you would know) are interested. I would deliver for free. Thanks Dave Mercer