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  1. entropy

    518-h starter

    Hi all, I have a question regarding testing a starter for this model (I think starter also fits a 520 as well) while it is disconnected from tractor and wiring harness. Can I use jumper cables to test it and how would I attach the cables to the starter in order to test it. Any help is appreciated.
  2. entropy

    single stage snow blower & 520hc

    WHbilly or squonk, any idea how long the belt is on the set up with the stage 1 and tractor. The belt I have now is way way to long. I also noticed I am missing the attachment bar where it locks onto front of tractor as well.
  3. entropy

    single stage snow blower & 520hc

    I may try to mount it on my 518 that I picked up last year. I was not that impressed with the plow anyway. I do not think I ran it enough to even break in the rebuild as the plow was less effective then my walk behind thrower.
  4. entropy

    single stage snow blower & 520hc

    Thanks for the replies. The thrower I have is very similar to the one that is closest in your pic WV. The chute is shorter and it has metal wheels instead of the sliders. I have owned the 520 for a few years now and did not want to start removing the deck and front end thing without an idea of what it should look like first. Would it be possible for you to post some close up pics of the setup from each side? It is 5am right now so I will try and post pics of thrower and tractor a bit later this AM.......
  5. Hi all, I did a quick search for attachment pics and found a thread that used to have pics showing how to attach the snow blower to the tractor but the pics were no longer available. A couple of years ago I bought a snow thrower but I never used it. I decided to clean up and repaint the snow thrower and attempt to use it this year. I was wondering if anyone here had a similar set up and could post pics of the attachment process. Any help is appreciated. And Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. entropy

    It's Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas all! Here is a pic of the goods. Been wanting these ratchet wrenches for a while and a couple of weall timed hints did the trick
  7. entropy

    520-H Fuel Related Issue

    Everything seems to point to the fuel system but, the running for a bit then dying reminds me of a problem I had in my 520. When my motor got to operating temp the ignition module behind flywheel would fail (would bench test fine when cold, hence why I did not replace it after pulling everything to get to it and then pulling everything off motor again to replace it......derp). Would always start and run for a bit then die. Next time it dies check your ignition module and spark.
  8. entropy

    Who's out in the snow today?

    Only got a couple of inches followed by freezing rain. Got the 518 with plow out and man I like the plow, just smashes through the slop with no issue. So much faster then my old walk behind snow blower(especially with the wet slushy mix I was pushing. I still have a WH snow thrower that I cleaned up but it is still missing a couple of parts. Now that I used the plow I am not sure if the snow thrower is needed. What do you guys prefer, plow or thrower?
  9. entropy


    Decided sanding and painting could wait till spring/summer. I am putting panels and plow back on in preparation for winter storms. Kind of stoked to see how it will do when a good snow hits. I did sand and paint front of plow more for function as it was degraded a bit.
  10. entropy

    Seat choices 520H

    Nice looking horses Cleat! It seems quite a few people want a nice 520 and you have 4 ??!! It seems the price you quoted is a good deal, but I am a cheap SOB and $79 gets my cheap-o-meter all a flutter, I am at bottom right. But my seat is absolute garbage on the 518!!
  11. entropy

    Seat choices 520H

    I like seat #2 as well. How much does that one cost?
  12. entropy


    got kind of silly with the red exhaust tip paint, but was having fun with it. It did not seem to burn oil either so the honing and rings seems to have down the job.....fortunately.
  13. entropy


  14. entropy


    Ran well before tear down, minus the prodigious oil burning! My hopes are it will run like a champ but you never know.....