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    Ariens GT19

    Good evening all you horse graziers: One day I will be able to get into a regular time to visit RS, but it has been my steady rock, for many questions and advice. Can't thanks some of the members enough. You know who you are. Without making this too looooong, I have come to the conclusion that my Ariens GT19 is not large enough for what I need. We recently purchased a place in Strongsville, Ohio that sits on a little over 1.75 acres. 3/4 of an acre is timber. Complete with a nice creek and yes Morel mushrooms!!!! When I purchased the Ariens I thought the timber was opened up more than what I have come to find out. Well, the Ariens is just not large enough for the timber duties. I could put it to some abuse until it gives out, but I'd rather see if someone in here, or maybe someone knows someone, that is looking for a very nice Ariens GT19 to either add to their collection or use as a daily garden tractor. Here is some general info: GT19 - 831 Series comes with a BOATLOAD of literature, manuals for everything that will be listed plus parts manuals also Engine was rebuilt, so fully pressurized, pushing about 20.5hp after the rebuild 48" front blade. Depending upon which hole you chose to insert into the lift arms for raising and lowering the blade, tractor does produce enough down pressure to lift the front tires, not much only because the cylinder is at it's max extension. 48" 2 Stage snow blower. Used VERY little. Very nice condition. This one has the adjustable clutch on the auger. 60" mower deck. Probably what I would call in decent condition. Compared to everything else if it all rated as a 8 or better, this would be a 6. Works fine mows great, just not what I like in a cut. Would prefer the 48" deck in any mower to be honest. Much cleaner cut, just my personal opinion. Good condition overall, just needs the 1 side of the lift arms worked on. Other than that, all is good. Winter cab with lights - no rips, tears. Looks nice when mounted, (2) sets of rear tires, (1) set is 26 x and the other set is 23 x (2) sets of wheel weights (1) custom made rear weight that goes on the 3pt. hitch when the snowblower is mounted. Could also use for additional weight if needed to pull. 3 point hitch I think that is it except for a small milk crate of misc. items. Looking to trade for an older model Kubota, something along the lines of a 5000 or 6000 series. 4x4 is desired. Deck and front blade is a must. The Kubota is just a reference, can be Ford, Massey, Allis, ect. Depending on what is offered, can throw in cash. I know we are talking used here, so I do understand the term used, but would like it to be nice also. Mine is in VG condition overall. Not abused, but has been used at times. But also taken care of. No rust anywhere on the tractor. Been garaged it's whole life. If by chance you or someone you know is looking to downsize, please feel free to send them my phone number. I tried uploading pics, it says I still have too many photos, Will need to delete more, but I can certainly text as many as someone would like and can send a video also. Thanks again, Rob

    1973 John Deere 140 H3

    There is a 3 point hitch available on John Deere FB Forum. They are asking $300.00. Very cheap for a 3 point hitch for an H3!

    Supporter Status

    It's just not my day. Yep I went into it, but it has my old address. So I clicked other, updated address, then checked credit card for payment. Says confirm order. I hit confirm and it goes the next screen which I would think would need my cc info. Gives me another error, says "There was an error processing the payment, please try a different payment method or contact us" RMC

    Supporter Status

    Did all of the above, and that is when it gives me the message that I can't purchase a 2 year supporter again.

    520xi series snow blower

    I actually had luck with these guys a couple time for NOS supplies. At times they do have attachments. Costly if they do have them, but worth a try. http://www.newhavenpower.com/toro5XI...INDEX.html

    520xi series snow blower

    What Glenn said, but also keep an eye out for New Holland GT18, 20, 22's they are the same animal. Ask Glenn, he did a mix-n-match!

    My "New" 520-H

    You could have stopped in to see Steve!
  8. So - just tried to do another 2 year supporter and it says "You have already purchased on of these in the past, not available". So I can't re-up for another 2 years? RMC
  9. I have got to clean up all my media or just re-up for "supporter" status. Send me an email address and I'll email you some photos. :) Hope you are doing well.


  10. RMCIII

    Get Your Snow Equipment Ready

    Glenn did a mix-n-match. IH red and black, except it's New Holland/Ford black. RMC
  11. RMCIII

    420 LSE Chrome Protection ?

    All great suggestions. Another option is to just use a light film of white lithium grease on the chrome. Let it stay on it the entire winter, then wipe off in spring, go over the chrome then, with either Never Dul or Mother Chrome cleaner. I used it all the time on my chrome rims of my 72 SS Nova that would be stored in our barn. Never once did the chrome start to pit or dull. RMC
  12. RMCIII

    Ariens GT 19

    So the Ariens KT19 was rebuilt and fully pressurized. Good thing. Have a question though about the carb. It has the cover that you rotate over the exhaust manifold for winter months. What is the purpose and is it really necessary? BTW - Glenn, Steve, Chucker and the rest, cab is on, Snow blower is on and cab lights hooked up. Will need to post a video of it in action. If it is anything like this one, I should be able to hit my neighbors yard about 20 feet down the driveway: Wish I had that cab! RMC
  13. RMCIII

    New future concept from CASE is here

    No - better yet, just plant a virus in the tractor, and you got this:
  14. RMCIII

    It's No Wheel Horse, but it should do.

    Thanks Glenn. Hope you have been well. I do miss the group. Fun stuff especially this time of year with the football thread going. Getting in here when I can. The Ariens is something of a "beast". I run it only 1/2 throttle with the 60" deck and it handles tall thick grass without any issues or bogging of the engine. I realize there is some slippage of a belt driven vs. shaft, but this is something! It has the drive on deck, pretty cool. While the XI series was easy to attach the deck and snow blower. This is "cake" compared to that. Just drive on, attach the front bracket, (almost like the XI front Attach - O - Matic), drop the center lift arms, and slide on the pto shaft. First time I did, it literally took me less than 2 minutes. It took me longer to get the deck from moving while I was trying to drive on it, than attaching it. Fun stuff. Can't wait for winter. Gotta get my membership dues paid so I can post some serious snow blowing videos. Manual says 40' plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be FUN!
  15. RMCIII

    It's No Wheel Horse, but it should do.

    Well, trying to delete the photos of my attachments. It seems I have not paid my dues. I have not been on here consistantly. SO I need to do that, but in the mean time, I am only allowed 16MG of data, I am at 68MG. of data. .... Deck and blower is pto driven. Also it is a shaft driven transmission. The transmission and rear axle are huge. Disc brakes and power steering.