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    tractor pullng, restoring wheelhorses and working on macks truck
  1. all throttle no bottle

    1964 854

    i cant put pic on here i wish i coud but the 854 is comeing along i got the frame,hood,and the rearend and wheels painted looking good :thumbs:
  2. i got a book on mayhews reproductions WH.decals but they what 60$ for a set is that a good prics? i dont know if any u all know any one makes a good set for a bater prics or not. all to gater i neeld 10 decals for a 854.
  3. all throttle no bottle

    how to make a sand blasting cabinet

    that is a good idea man it would b a big cabinet . i wish i could put pic on here my pc wont let me but i maked a new cabinet out of a plastic tote and glass work good
  4. all throttle no bottle

    1964 854

    project 854 i bought it last yaer at the WH. show for 500$ with brand new hub caps and a new rugulator. the body and frame was in great condition but paint not so good. so i was like hmm it wll make a great show tractor. so now i got every thing that i can take apart is apart. i just rebuilt and paint the rear end. now i got to sand blast the rest and the hood iam takeing my time on it. I WILL HAVE IT DONE FOR THE SHOW. can't wait for the show!!!
  5. all throttle no bottle

    A-100 project tractor

    job wale done :thumbs:
  6. all throttle no bottle

    winter fun in good ol WV!

    g-r-d with the 121 i have 1 that what to make me put a snow plow on my :thumbs:
  7. all throttle no bottle

    demolition derby

    hay fritz me and my friends had a mower derdy we use mtd,sears.murray they did great. i made angleiron tierod for my.if you can use flat heads engines. i wouldt like to any old good veterans tractor go to wase . if you neeld help with WH. pulling iam here 1961 surburban 1964 854 1969 raider12 1969 raider10 1972 commander8 1976 B-80 1978 C-121 and lot more others brand
  8. all throttle no bottle

    how to make a sand blasting cabinet

    thaks for the warm welcome you all. ya that card bord box works good for a few time with black diamond. i could have made 1 from wood but card bord is easy to git to.but that all i neeld to do small parts :thumbs:
  9. all throttle no bottle

    A-100 project tractor

    how is it going chris. i know it can be a bear messing around with WH. rear-end i do it all the time. now you said that the wheel is stuck on to the hub which the hub is probably stuck on the axle.what i would try to take out the axle hub wheel. once you got the axle out try taking to 5 gallon bucket or tables and put them about foot apart. then place half of wheel on 1 bucket and then the other half on the other bucket with the axle facing downward betwen the 2 bucket make suer that the hub can fall betwen top the bucket. then take a block of wood that fit the hub and beat on it with a big hammer. if that dont do it then use a shop press. if you get the wheel off and the hub is stuck on the axle then you neeld a 3claw puller or a shop press.then when you put it back together doyle's equipment service inc. in winchester VA. phone 504/662-1234 they have all the stuff. GOOD LUCK! 1961 surburban 1964 854 1969 raidr12 pulling tractor 1969 raider10 1972 commander 8 1976 b-80 1978 c-121 my name is chris to :thumbs:
  10. just thought you all what to know..i didnt what to spend money on a sand blasting cabinet so i was thinking how to make one. i took a big card boarb box and cut the top off flush than cut 2 holds just big enough to fit my hads ,welding gloves, and the gun of the sand blaster.to cover the top i had old windows lying around so i took the glass out of one and laid it over the top while iam blasting. i have to take off the glass to dump out the sand though. it might sound stupid but it works 1961 surburban 1964 854 1969 raider12 pulling 1969 raider10 1972 commander8 1976 B-80 1978 C-121
  11. all throttle no bottle

    which paint to use

    is that the same paint on the tractor shown in the picture?
  12. all throttle no bottle

    New Vanguard

    GET R DONE i made a raceing tractor once man did it go quitk but it only last till i wreck it .so you are in to pulling? iam to i love it i got a 69 raider 12 with a 25 hp kohler. the rearend hold up good with the car type spiter gears. pull a horse wheel horse ocourse.
  13. all throttle no bottle

    which paint to use

    thanks for the help rideawaysenior. what paint would you all use out of these-TSC INTER.RED or NAPA INTER.RED or NAPA TORO RED? I know alot of people use INTER.RED but i got some of it and it was brighter. what would look best for a show tractor. all help appreciated :thumbs:
  14. all throttle no bottle

    which paint to use

    I just torn down and sand blast a 1964 854 HW. to gave it a face lift. I need to pick out which primer and paint to use. I dont know what kind of primer would be best to use. For the paint I can get vasper IN.RED from tsc or NAPA IN.RED but napa as a couple different shade of red, or NAPA TORO RED . For the off white . I like to have a good looking 854 HW.. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED 1961 surburban 1964 854 1969 raider 12 pulling 1969 raider 10 1972 commandor 8 1976 B-80 1978 c-121