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  1. pfrederi

    tie pod boots

    Rod ends (come with neoprene covers) pipe nipples and some all thread.
  2. pfrederi

    Are All Key Switch Brands The Same?

    Toro doesn't make switches who knows where they buy them.
  3. pfrederi

    d160 lost all hydro

    White split rings are used on the tow valve. the Manifolds use solid black backer rings. if you need some i can send you a few...#018BU
  4. pfrederi


    Interesting question...Engine condition...(Compression) battery condition. wiring condition, temperature, Engine oil weight...so many variables. I would very much doubt you would ever get to 600 rpm just cranking.
  5. pfrederi

    3pt D series transfer to C series

    D Series Frames are wider than C series. The mounts for a D 3 pt would be outside the C series frame. I suppose anything is possible with time and a lot of metal work.
  6. pfrederi

    D160 Front Rims

    Tractor Supply and others sell kits that have hubs and tapered roller bearings that fit 1" axles. Used for trailers. I can't find eh postings now either . Search here is not always easy... This is close
  7. pfrederi

    Kohler Magnum 18 opposed missing on one cylinder

    Equal if a bit low pressure would indicate you do not have a valve or compression issue with the one cylinder. Magnum ignitions are pretty reliable. Ar you using a spark plug tester? Does the flash look consistent on the right side. can you run it long enough to get hot and maybe die again...then test for spark.
  8. pfrederi

    D160 Front Rims

    You would be further ahead converting to 4 lug hubs then you have a wide variety of wheels/tires to choose from. Search here for D series front hubs
  9. pfrederi

    Single screw vs dual screw hubs

    Some of us have converted using Bob Maynards kit. Makes swapping wheels a lot easier.
  10. pfrederi

    Kohler Magnum 18 opposed missing on one cylinder

    To clarify you have a Magnum 18 on a D series Is there a spec #...That would not be an original engine. It would have a magneto ignition vs a Battery on the original K-series. The original emgnes did not have ACR and I am not sure that magnum twins do either. Welcome to RS
  11. pfrederi

    Exhaust nipple removal K341

    There are several thread on here about removing exhaust nipples. I had my second and unexpected success today removing the nipple for a 16hp K single. I am stripping it so it can go to the machine shop. The 16hp K's use a reduction bushing in addition to the nipple. I only planned on removing the nipple and leaving the bushing in place as I figured the machine shop could work around it and i figured also it would be a bear to get out and maybe damage the block in the process. Thus I treated the nipple threads with PB Blaster, Kroil and In-Force over a few days. Whacked it with a hammer every time I walked by. Used propane torch but no movement Dug out the air chisel and the blunt point tip. Pounded a divot in the pipe then angled the chisel against the side of the divot. Low and behold the nipple started to turn. Had to make a second divot to keep an good angle as it moved. Then it stopped, Darn..some more chiseling an suddenly the reduction bushing backed out of the block.. i hadn't soaked its threads but it came!! In a vice finally separated the nipple and bushing. Nipple is destroyed but the bushing can be reused.
  12. pfrederi

    K181: RJ8C /J8C spark plugs

    Correct gap on K181s with battery ignition is .025 (Big blocks 10hp and up are .035 )
  13. pfrederi

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Took advantage of the sun (haven't had much here lately) to clean up my Ugly Electro project. Tear down and clean up revealed as usual good news and bad news. Good news is the engine seems to be in good shape. (PO said it ran when he traded it in) It is a K341AS and it still has STD piston and no real damage to cylinder. Plan is to have this one go to a machine shop for complete work up. Bad news hydro has been replaced as it is a piston to piston not an original hydro gear. However saw some Blue RTV oozing out from the seam between tranny case halves. Why do people use that stuff on hydros, it is a terrible thing to do.
  14. pfrederi

    My first horse! C-100

    Find the model number on plate probably just below the instrument panel ad post it here we can guide you to manuals and other things here that will be helpful If it is a 75 C-100 it should show 1-0391
  15. pfrederi

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome!! Nice tractor and good deal...Make sure you put a tin can over that stack if she is ouside.