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  1. pfrederi

    Painting the inside of a tranny

    Way too much work/$$ My horses all live inside and i will not be around long enough for the painting to make a big difference. Thanks for all the comments.
  2. pfrederi

    416-8 '85 Not Charging Battery?

    Sorry my bad...I never realized WH went so cheap on a 416-8 and used the unregulated 3 amp system. I thought that was limited to some low Horse power 300 series. Just to make sure your head lights only work when the engine is running? if so you have a fixed charging system 3 amps I have it on a 310-8 with a battery ignition system works but is marginal. What is your voltage when running??? . Lots may have been changed. What is the spec number of your engine?? Underseat fuel tanks frequently have long cranking times when they have sat for a period. Takes awhile for the mechanical fuel pump to pull up the gas and fill the carb bowl. A blast of carb cleaner into the carb will have the same affect as your gas in the cylinder method and is easier. many of us have put on electric fuel pumps but with your electrical system I don't know.
  3. pfrederi

    Happy Birthday Lowell

    Happy B-Day and THANK YOU for ll you do to support this hobby!!!!
  4. pfrederi

    Old kohler

    That spec # had ball bearings so you can use a manula PTO. (I think all K series had ball beatings except the KT models)
  5. If you do not feel like filing sandwich the old blade edge on top of the new one you drilled round holes in. the square hole in the old one will hold the Carriage bolt. Like Sarge said get some Gr 5 bolts from Mcmaster Fastnal etc Depending on the thickness of your new edge you may have to go longer on the new bolts.
  6. pfrederi

    416-8 '85 Not Charging Battery?

    Check Voltage with the engine running should be 13.6 to a bit over 14. If not run a jumper wire from the regulator housing to teh battery negative see if you get 13.6 or greater. (if so clean up the regulator mounting to assure a good ground.. Still no charge find the two white wires that go from engine to regulator. With you r multi meter on AC engine running better than half throttle you should get 30 or more volts. if you do regulator is bad...if not then on to the stator as the issue. (not very common)
  7. Had a BFO today...(Blinding Flash of the Obvious) Gear trannys frequently have a lot of rust inside. Over time just condensation can rust the inside of the tranny housing especially if it sits for long periods and the oil drains down. Working on a Sunstrand transaxle right now and realized all the Sunstrand transaxle housings are coated on the inside. Not sure if it is paint or what it is an ugly shade of orange. Never found any rust on the inside of the several transaxles I have been into. Later project this winter is to fix a sick 8 speed. I was wondering if I should paint the inside?? Also wonder what paint would hold up to a lifetime of gear oil on it.
  8. pfrederi

    Decmember 7th, lest we forget.

    Found this today about Hollywood types who signed up after Pearl Harbor actually saw action not just to make movies... I worked with a guy years ago who was in the army stationed in Hawaii in the late 30s (Coast defense artillery). They drilled with wooden rifles rarely fired their big guns ..too expensive. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/16-hollywood-stars-who-saw-real-life-combat/ss-BBQzu5s?li=BBnb7Kz
  9. pfrederi

    Sunstrand 10 pinion axle question

    Have to agree.. The splines cut in the axle are about 3/8" longer than any other axles I have lying around.
  10. pfrederi

    Decmember 7th, lest we forget.

    There was very little coverage this year. A shame on the media. Ignore history and you are doomed to repeat it....
  11. Tearing down the transaxle from an Electro. I want to scream put down the RTV tubes and step away from the tranny. Blue glop all over. But my question...both axles were drilled for roll pins but also had the machined groove for the snap ring. The snap rings were used. The holes were out side the groove. I know some older trannies used the roll pin and later ones used snap rings. You think Wheel horse decided to re-machine old stock to use snap rings??? It almost looks like if you used the roll pin holes the axles would bang together inside the differential....
  12. 260 is a vertical shaft tractor completely different PTO hook up.
  13. according to parts manual 94-2879 1/2" x131.5 inches Edit; Found it only $146.63 over a dollar an inch...wow!!!
  14. pfrederi


    left side lower bolt (circled) is in a slotted hole