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  1. Jacksonbros

    C-195 and extras

    Wheel Horse C-195 with power steering Three point hitch and rear PTO-$2,000 Mid-grader blade-$300 Rear finishing mower-$400 wheel horse 4-wheel wagon-$450 Rear PTO For a D-series-$150 Wheel horse sign-$200 48 inch mowing deck in picture is not for sale $3,250 for everything. Prices are listed above if you do not want to buy everything as a package deal. No trades For more information please call or text (804)-495-5096
  2. Jacksonbros


    I will be attending the show. Thank you
  3. Jacksonbros

    Looking for a C-195 Frame

    I am looking for a C-195 frame or a C-195 parts tractor. I am willing to buy what is left. I will be attending the big show in Pennsylvania in June. Let me know how far away you are from Richmond, Va. I am willing to drive to get it if it's within reason. Thanks.
  4. Jacksonbros

    C-195 with attachments

    Is this still available?
  5. I picked up this nice D200 from a Redsquare member, Coldone. This tractor has a 3 point hitch, rear PTO, turning brakes, and what I consider original hours=262. I am very happy with this machine. Thanks for the hospitality from you and your wife, Coldone.
  6. Jacksonbros

    D250 fuel pump

    I am looking for a fuel pump or a rebuild kit for a D250. I have looked at a couple of them on eBay but I just want to make sure I get the right fuel pump. Any information would be great thanks.
  7. Jacksonbros

    Finally! A D250!

    I got it from a RS member near Winchester VA.
  8. Jacksonbros


    Nice find
  9. Jacksonbros

    Finally! A D250!

    My wife and I took off Saturday morning to go look at a D250. We came home with a D250 with loader and a parts D250. I've always wanted a D250 and finally got one! The one with the loader only had 380 hours and is in very good condition. Here are a few pictures:
  10. Jacksonbros

    NW Indiana 46341 to the big show

    Any by and in NW Indiana are coming through going to the big show could help me out? I am looking to buy a Wheel Horse garden trailer in NW Indiana. I will be attending the big show in June 26-27. If you could help me out please let me know. Thanks (804)-495-5096 call or text
  11. Jacksonbros

    Prayers Wanted for JimD

    The Jackson family is praying for you.
  12. Jacksonbros

    Snow in Virginia

    It snowed again last night. We got 5 1/2 inches. Here are some pics from today. Oh the fun you can have with your family and a Wheel Horse!
  13. Jacksonbros

    Snow in Virginia

    Spending time with my little man plowing snow on the C-105. We got 7" in Cartersville, Va.
  14. Jacksonbros

    Family Pets

    We just bought a Chesapeake Bay Retriever for our son. He is 4 1/2 and we wanted to get him a pet to grow up with. Her name is Chessie. I would like to know what types of family pets y'all have?
  15. Jacksonbros

    Questions about a wheel horse dump trailer

    Thanks for all the information. My plan is to restore this in the next few months. I just wish that I knew what year this is. If anyone else knows more about this, please let me know. It is weird that it does not have a model #. Thanks again.