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    -310-8 bought new in 1987 , restored in 2013, has over 1700 hours
    runs clean and strong , still in use for hauling and mowing
    -315-8 recently acquired for back-up , has 400 hours
    -Yazoo Keys 36" Walk behind for mowing only.
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    300 series

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    retired 1.5 years as of Sept 2016)
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  1. Tonyp

    Newbie here and just got a 310-8

    congrats ! great find, great machine. I bought our 310-8 new in 1987, over 1900 hours still runs strong.
  2. Tonyp

    engne not starting

    about a hundred years ago I bought a heavy duty Sears Battery Charger/Engine Starter, it was maybe $100. 6 or 12 Volts. It may very well have been the best $100 I have ever spent. With 3 cars and 3 WH Tractors it earns it's keep and has for just about 35 years now. Wow what a bargain ! I have one of those trickle chargers as well, it sits on the battery of our 2004 Suburban which can take out a battery after sitting 2 weeks in cold weather. Just too much stuff being powered in the ENGINE OFF mode.
  3. Tonyp

    Crank 20 times before Kohler's start

    my take, after having "starting wars" with my 310-8, It was never the 10 HP Kohler, it was always gas feed and losing prime. If you have not done it yet, pull the fuel pump, check those silly check valves, especially on the inlet, it may very well be unseated. Also be sure there are NO LOOSE fittings between the tank and the fuel pump. The slightest loose fitting or leak will cause a loss of prime and prevent fuel from being drawn to the fuel pump. A handful of small hose clamps , one placed on each fitting can solve that. Sometimes we just assume the gas line is all ok , sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. Last season I found it was easier and faster to replace the entire gas line along with a new filter. I also used the small hose clamps on each fitting. It's a drag for sure , I really need to change the check valves or the entire fuel pump on my 30 year old 310 , but evidently I love the misery !
  4. Tonyp

    Starter dead ?

    Good news, Starter was non operational but not bad, just needed TLC, meaning cleaning of the brushes, armature and the Bendix. It's all back together and working like a charm ! Thx to all above for the excellent information and details. I did have questions about re-assemble.. see that here
  5. Tonyp

    Starter re-assembly question

    Good news, all put back together using the techniques above. I did use TWO pieces of sheet metal and formed the brackets to hold the brushes in place, slid them out after the body and brush assembly were joined. The real good news, the starter , although it stopped working , now works just fine after cleaning the brushes, armature and the Bendix. This is an original 29 year old starter off of a 310-8 which I bought new in 1987. Note: we don't really need to take the engine cover off. The starter can be removed and reinstalled with the cover in place. Removing the engine cover is not a bad idea for cleaning but it's not necessary for starter repair. Thanks to all the WH junkies above for excellent information and advice ! 310-8 is running again and not wanting it's yard duty replaced with the 2004 /315 or the 1979 /C81 , it's happy now ! me too ! thx t
  6. Tonyp

    Starter re-assembly question

    looks too easy ! I still have not put mine back together as of 12/5, Tuesday AM is the plan. The video and the slide tool is excellent ! Think I'll just make one.
  7. Tonyp

    Starter re-assembly question

    yeah steveasaurus ! ... thats a really neat trick ! I was just about to think of that !
  8. Tonyp

    Starter re-assembly question

    sounds like a plan !
  9. Tonyp

    Starter re-assembly question

    Ok, it's stump the student day ! I thought I was pretty good too..( NOT) Starter for the M Series Kohler. M10... Took it all apart, it was filthy, brushes dirty, Bendix was gooy stuck , the whole thing just dirty, certainly not a surprise for a 30 year old 310 series Tractor. Now it's cleaned ready for re-assembly, ok not so fast... How on earth do I install the brushes with the springs ? ! ??? I'm stuck, at a loss, already washed my hands and put it away 'till maybe tomorrow. Smarter people than I may please respond ! thx !
  10. Tonyp

    1979 C81 gets yard duty today !

    thx ! yes and it was also fun to get out the saws and tools to modify the cart !
  11. Tonyp

    1974 ,, B 80 ,, my new to me

    Wow , what a beauty, Congrats ! When did those early B Series turn into the C Series ?
  12. Tonyp

    Starter problem

    I have a similar issue right now with a 28 year old 310, excellent comments above, I know the starter motor spins but it is not engaging . It's been an on/off thing for a year or so now, I thought it was just the starter going , Never thought of maintenance..but now that I think about it...
  13. Tonyp

    Sucker for ugly

    Wheel Horse "Rat Rod " ? Love it !
  14. Tonyp

    Check out my free new ride!!

    Awesome, I knew I should have been a FF instead of a sales guy ! That 314 is a great machine !
  15. Tonyp

    1979 C81 gets yard duty today !

    I swear theres room for one more piece of firewood !