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  1. clem

    Predator 22HP Engine Swap. Who has done one???

    A radial ball bearing is not designed for thrust support
  2. clem

    314-H snapping drive belts

    The pivot rod that the tensioner pulley bolts on, wears along with the holes that it fits in. This along with some end play will sometimes let that pulley move all over and help destroy a belt. My 417a with honda repower had this problem and the belt would ride off the pulley while shredding. I found some bushings at the hardware for the pivot rod, and also used a 81" green aftermarket belt. No problems yet. Not sure if this is the problem, might be something to look at though.
  3. clem


    Some anti-seize on the threads of the bolts could be helpful for future removal also
  4. The steering wheel is the same style as my 314a & 417a but they have 3 bars. Both of mine also have 8" front wheels, but they dont have dash lights like this one. I have a c161 with a replacement kohler that is dark green also. The stickers on both of mine are faded but I think the 417a is the first year (1984?)because it has no louvers in the hood. Whatever you have, it is money well spent!
  5. clem

    New Deck

    Just shy of $1400 two years ago for a 48" side discharge was the best i could find
  6. clem

    Eaton 1100 Help needed

    It is just left of center, a couple inches forward from the rear of the case on my 417a
  7. clem

    Onan 220 rebuild

    I got my honda gx690 3 years ago from Equipatron. At that time they were about the lowest price I could find, and no sales tax with free shipping. With honda muffler and ignition switch/wire harness cost was 1750.
  8. clem

    Exhaust outlet

    Heat (hotter works better), wax, patience, persistence. Just like KC9KAS said, it will work.
  9. clem

    Steering gear adjustment

    My 1978 c161 has the same problem, fan gear not oriented properly before welding. It has more travel to the left than it does to the right.
  10. clem

    Medium Or HD Tire Chains

    The heavy duty chains are supposed to be a larger diameter material used for the links. I think I found that info somewhere on tirechains.com
  11. clem


    River bend hose, about 1 mile away from the old south bend wheel horse plant built me a set for my c161 auto for about $125. They knew they were wheel horse when I put them on the counter. They have new style fitting combinations that replace the old , obsolete ones, and I was out the door in about 20 minutes total!
  12. clem

    engine replacement

    The engine needs a thrust bearing on the crankshaft in order to handle the load applied by the pto. I used a honda gx 690 engine to replace a used up kt 17 on my 417a, because it has a thrust bearing. If you cant find anyone that knows about the engine in question, a service manual should be available on the internet somewhere with a parts list.
  13. A valve with a hose barb & piece of fule line running into a container or drain pan has always worked for me. I think the cost of some thread tape, valve, and hose was 10 bucks.
  14. clem


    Yes, tension spring kit also.
  15. clem


    You're welcome, just received a set of 23x8.5x12 2 links myself. Ordered last Saturday, delivered on Wednesday. Thanks to other Red Square members, I was sent to TireChains.com also.