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  1. oldhorse2

    Broken C-120 dip stick

    The dipstick on my C-120 broke just above the seal. Is there a repair for this? I'm wondering about welding it, but am concerned about damaging the seal. Is there any other way of re-attaching the handle? Thanks - Bill
  2. oldhorse2

    Dip Stick for C-120

    Looking for a dip stick for a C-120 WH with Kohler 301S engine. Stick is 18.25" overall with 14.75" below the rubber seal.
  3. oldhorse2

    Air Filter for K301s in c120

    Thanks to all who replied. Your comments were very helpful. Bill
  4. oldhorse2

    Air Filter for K301s in c120

    Are there OEM replacements for the air filter used in the c-120 with the K301s engine? Thanks - Bill
  5. oldhorse2

    1976 c-120 hydro losing power

    This power loss became noticeable after 1+ hours of mowing, as I was attempting to climb a grade. I switched off the pto to stop the mower and reduce the load, and was able to climb a bit better. There was a definite whine coming from the trans.when all of this was happening.
  6. Last fall I swapped the original (leaking) transmission with one of the same vintage...both Sunstrands. It has performed well plowing snow, hauling and mowing...until today. After extensive mowing I noticed a loss of power on steep inclines (which have not been a problem previously). I changed the oil (10w40) and filter last fall, and the oil level was correct today, although the oil seemed very hot and thin. The tractor sat for a while and cooled down some, and when restarted it seemed to perform better but still not up to previous performance level. Any suggestions on where to start with this problem will be greatly appreciated.
  7. oldhorse2

    Hydraulic Lift Kit compatibility

    Thanks to all who responded to this so far. I have some additional information. The lift was removed from a 1975 C-160 (Mod. 1-0481) with a 90-1140 Sundstrand. The question here is whether it will work on a 1974 C-120 (mod. 1-0490) with a 90-1136 Sundstrand.
  8. Will a Lift Kit removed from a 1975 WH work on a 1974 C-120 WH? The "Interchangeability Listing" calls for a Mod. 8-4112 Lift Kit for a 1974 WH and a Mod. 8-4113 Lift Kit for a 75-77 WH. While several of the components are the same in each kit, many are different (hoses, valve assembly, springs, etc.).
  9. oldhorse2

    Hydraulic lift for c120

    I just bought a 1974 C-120 which is equipped with a manual lift, and would like to convert it to hydraulic. I would need the entire system.
  10. I've been working on eliminating oil leaks on my C-120 Hydro Lift (Kit Mod. #8-4113). I replaced the leaking hose, and now find that the cylinder(#6618) is leaking around the rod. Is there any fix for this? If not, how do you go about finding a replacement? I tried the Toro site and came up empty.
  11. Yesterday afternoon I decided to check the oil level in my transmission. When I removed the dip stick I noticed that part of the lower half was missing (about 3" below the seal, including the part with level markings). I have no idea how this happened. However, checking the level has always been a pain as it's necessary to pass the stick up thru a hole in the plate below the seat. Returning the stick is even more difficult, and it's easy to miss the top of the fill pipe when done in a dark garage in the winter. Perhaps a miss caused the tip to break off. I inserted a magnet down thru the fill pipe into the oil compartment, but failed to retrieve anything. There's a chance that the broken piece didn't land inside the Trans. case, but a search failed to locate it. Given the amount of snow I plowed this winter, it could be anywhere if not inside. If necessary I could remove one half of the case and look for it, but am not anxious to do so if not necessary. Questions: (1) Do you think that the broken piece of the metal blade could cause trouble if left in inside? (2) Might the magnitized strainer have trapped it before damage was done? Can this be checked without pulling apart the case? (3) After resolving the above, I'll attempt to find a replacement dip stick, but if not successful I'll build one. Do you know how long the blade be below the seal? Thanks - Bill