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  1. sweet love it great deal looks great :thumbs:
  2. muka

    Serial numbers from 604's, 654's and 704's

    7807 on my 704 :thumbs:
  3. muka

    Rounding up some horses.........

    :thumbs: NICE Start em young
  4. Going out monday am to look at and rj 58 .All original with belt guard ,heat shield and clinton motor. All it needs is left front rim its all rotted has turf tires on rear. he wants 275.00 for it has been in his barn for over ten years.has all the stickers on it and not cracks or breaks in hood or steering wheel. what do you guys think should i go for it or not. not like i dont have one. thanks kevin
  5. muka

    1961 701

    Very nice job on that 701 looks better then new
  6. muka

    702.... Yes or No

    I would start at 50.00 and go from there. he can only go up in price ,you never know what you can do until you try.
  7. muka

    Why do you collect these tractors?

    Hello everybody my story goes as follows.My dad in the late 70s brought home a rusted rotted wheelhorse suburban400 with no motor and a rotted hood and fuel tank. He and his brother david put on a 3hp briggs engine on it and my dad used that machine for 15 years plowing and hauling everything. I got the machine about 8 years ago and its been down hill sense then now i have a rj58,400,704 and c series and tons of parts and manuals. I have got y 9 yearold in on it and its lots of fun for the both of us.
  8. muka

    RJ-35 with sickle bar mower...

    :scratchead: Nice find. Its in very original condition except the homemade belt guard. and u have the cutter bar nice. have fun with your restoration.
  9. muka

    Acetone as a fuel additive....??

    i have used laquer thinner for years in my machine and my truck it has no ill effects on my machines and i plow with a 1960 suburban 400 and my truck is a 2001 dodge dakota. marvel mystery oil works to in the winter months.
  10. :scratchead: As a kid my brother and I did stuff like that to .iIcan remember being about 6 or 7 and filling the gas tank on his tractor with sand. The trouble was he was selling it and the guy was there and he could not figure out why it would not start.He was not to happy.Kids are kids and in 20 years you can look back and laugh at it,no big deal as for punishment take them outside and show them how to clean it up my boy is 9 and he likes to help been doing since he could hold a screwdriver.
  11. muka

    your favorite model

    :thumbs: suburban 400 is my favorite
  12. Regular old glass cleaner works great
  13. Just my two cents Working in the autobody shop i have cleared over decals with excellent results. I have cleared over pinstripe,door handles,emblems with no troubles.You get what you pay for with clearcoat some have uv protection so it wont fade as fast and there wont be an adhesion problem. :banghead:
  14. muka

    Central PA snow removal detail....

    Those pictures are great love to see old tractors working.Great job to the wife for the photos nice.Good luck to you kevin