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    Just buy all three of them you are going to be hooked after the first one anyway.
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    In my experience Kohler parts are easier to come by and easier on the pocketbook as well. None of my Horses have Briggs engines, but I did have a Gilson built Montgomery Wards tractor with a 14 HP Briggs for a while, and seemed like engine parts were harder to come by and more expensive than anything I've ever needed for a Kohler. But both are good engines and if well taken care of should last a long time. All engines have their ups and downs, and everyone has their opinions on which ones are better than others. I personally would pick a Kohler powered machine over a Briggs, but would pick a Briggs over a Tecumseh or an Onan. Parts for those can get real expensive real quick, and they can be a bear to get running right, I've got a little 70 model Commando V8 with the VH80 Tecky in it sitting in the corner of my storage shed right now, it's there because I'm mad at it...no matter what I do I can't seem to get it to run right. Whatever model you decide on, good luck, and remember we all like lots of
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    Yeah what he said LOL. Wheel Horses are like potato chips, you can't have just one. I thought I'd be happy with just the one when I got my 1277, now I'm up to 5 and constantly on the hunt for more. Any one of the three you mentioned would be good tractors, though like @Sparky said I believe the C-111 would have a Briggs engine. Not that there's anything wrong with the older Briggs, but it's hard to beat an old K-Series Kohler
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    I planned to use the 417H to roll the lawn today. Thought it would be the perfect day after four warm days and over an inch of rain yesterday the frost heaves should flatten right out. Problem was it was 35F with 15MPH winds and spitting freezing rain and sleet. Oh yeah, there sits that 520H snow chucker that hasn't been used for three years. What could be better than sitting in a dry heated cab for a couple hours on a day like this. And it has the 2 link Vee Bar chains, loaded tires, and plenty of weight, so there was no wheel spin. I am convinced it is time to replace this blower with a snow plow and make her my all purpose nasty weather machine.
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    Gett'n all geared up for @Ed Kennell's frontal lobe! He's going to be walk'n around the show with an animated woodie sticking out his forehead!
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    No, but it's possible the deal could include some free Band-Aids since the razor blade is dangerous! Or, maybe just include in the instructions that the blood is to be used for WH red and intended for use to color your new wood model. The more blood, the more richer and deeper the color will become so adjust the luster to your own individual taste.
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    Thanks Richie! Got lucky and for some reason it always seems the first one is the best one. Every time I try to copy something it doesn't come out as good. The piece of wood cut off the block was used like this and the width and thickness for the hood and seat are very close to being the same, so sanding it to shape made it just a little thinner and smaller. May have used a different piece for the trans case but can't remember. I'll be selling little RJ model kits for $99.98 You too can have your own model RJ to collect and share with your friends. Makes a great display and a wonderful conversation piece! You will be the envy of your neighborhood !!!!!!! Very Easy to Build and the kit includes EVERYTHING you need. So ORDER NOW! Call Today! 1 800 747-8633 (RIPUOFF) Call today! Call today! Call today! Call today! But Wait! Order within the next 10 seconds and get a second one for free!!! Just pay extra for shipping & handling (and to throw some extra cash in my pocket!) These very easy to build kits include a beautiful block of yellow pine, a bent dowel, a super sharp razor blade, a butter knife for sawing, a large piece of sandpaper and not enough glue. Comes with minimal instructions that might have a couple of horrible stick pictures!
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