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    Well if finally dried out enough to get out and till the garden. Got the big D running great, took some time to put the rest of the body on and hooked up the tiller for the first time. Ran great and made short work of the tilling. I put bigger tires on the front and have 3 gallons of washer fluid in each one for a total of about 50 pounds. Still a little light. But I got a couple hours of seat time in and couldn’t resist a photo op.
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    I front loaded my hours at work so today (Friday) I just need 3 or 4 hours to hit my 40 and I'll be outa here kicking off the long weekend early. Saturday I'll be driving south-west on a WH recovery mission (more on that later if it works out). Not crossing state lines so you New Yorkers can relax . On Sunday I'll be taking a motorcycle ride up into the Berkshire area of Massachusetts with my father. Gotta love being able to still do stuff with dad. He's 77 and still loves to ride on 2 wheels! My little bass boat needs about an hour of my time to get it ready for the season, wife picked us up our fishing licenses yesterday so hopefully Monday I'll be floating in a lake somewhere waiting on a bite.
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    Don't mean to pis# anyone off but it's just another weekend for us retired folks.For you guys still working 9 to 5 enjoy the time off!
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    I have changed the theme of the forum to one which is patriotic. This weekend we honor those and their families, who have sacrificed their lives for us all. I wish everyone a healthy Memorial day weekend, and appreciate those who served the great nations of the world! Please remember, you can change the theme back to RedSquare by selecting "Theme" at the very bottom center of each page.
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    I’ve got a few hours of work this morning, then this afternoon I’m going to help my cousin get his “sporty” loaded and strapped in his pickup—he is headed to Montana for a couple of weeks. Also on the list: —some yard work including general cleanup —plowing the gardens and tilling out smooth —finishing up a Cub project with my daughter that we are getting ready to sell. —organizing the shed after the long winter —spending some time with the kids —end out the weekend with the GTO at the Memorial Day car show... with my favorite little people (Caleb is taller than me now!) in the whole world! Gotta pack up the refreshments and seating gear to keep everyone happy! @Sparky so glad that you get to spend that time with your dad. My bike should be finished any day now and I can wait to go riding with my dad like I used to. Hopefully, in a year or two Caleb will get his license and the three of us can go riding! Have a great weekend guys!
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    Hope to have the time over the long weekend to get this one up and running. Other than that not much planned, gotta stay close by as I’m on call all weekend
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    Get this bad boy up and running.
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    Interested to find out what you guy's have planned for this weekend.possibly opening up camp, fishing, boating,hiking?, maybe quality seat time around the yard? This is only the 2nd year that I will not be opening up camp putting dock in place, turning on water,installing boat lift etc, kinda feels good not to have to head up the Maine Turnpike with what seems like everyone else, sold camps, sometimes less is more, instead I will continue with this years project which is painting the house,been putting that off for a few years, now that the rain has stopped it's time to get real busy.
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    Its a wallk behind toro dingo with a 10in auger, dad is also putting up a section of fence so were splitting the rental cost similar to this guy At a cost of 2 Franklins for 4 hours its worth every penny when you have 18 posts to put in
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    My time will be spent putting up a fence between my shed and garage making an area in the yard i can hide my "JUNK" so i and my neighbors dont have to look at it. Today starts with hole drilling and posts!
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    Very true there JA. Not sure about just another weekend though. One day seems just like any other any time. Won't be going anywhere. To many tourists/holiday makers get around. May go to a localish car show Sunday. Otherewise stay in our nice, quiet, secluded part of the world.
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    We stay to home most holiday weekends so as to not have to deal with the inordinately large amount of Ummmmm... Bright people... that are out gallivanting around. This weekend will be getting things sharpened up and ready Saturday for a logging day Sunday. Lots of other tinkering, puttering and general stuff to do. Mostly our focus will be on building the chicken run. Also need to get the garden put in. Monday I'll be changing tires and fixing lights on the utility trailer in prep for next weekend... Running down to Massachusetts to see a couple fine Redsquare members.
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    Good luck with that! then head over and do Dan's
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    I have to admit... I read “robbing” and thought “I’ll have to check into that....” without thinking “rubbing” this guy.. so clueless!
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    I keep thinking of getting another motorcycle. Been without one for 10yrs now and after owning something like 40+ since I was 16, the itch is still there. Something lightweight for popping around on and up at the farm, where I do a bit of part time work.
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    Hey Richard, I haven’t heard of this product. Is it a little “slicker” than rubbing compounds? Maybe lets you steal a little more shine? sorry! Couldn’t resist!
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    My wife is pretty good behind the wheel. My college student daughter on the other hand . Almost made it thru the whole school year ...then I get the call from West Virginia like 4 days before she drives home for the summer. Umm dad, please don’t yell but I scraped my car against another car in my parking garage . Like out of state college bills aren’t enough 😡 now this. My insurance of course covered the other car. So my daughter is alone in the parking garage and the other car was not occupied...so she leaves a note with her contact info. It was 3 days later before the young lady who’s car she hit calls my daughter. They exchange insurance info and my daughter apologized for it. Then I hear from my claims guy that the dad who owns the other girls car was pissed off and belligerent on the phone with my insurance guy. You would think that he would be happy that his daughter didn’t come out to her car with a scuffed up bumper skin to find NO NOTE? I was upset about the “minor accident” but proud of how she handled it.
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    Ok, I’m new to body work. What is buffing and washing?
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    I think that I would give it a couple coats of clear & call it good. Wax is not suggested for at least 30 days with new paint.
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    Oooooooooo that gloss! I’ll keep the coats on the pump down to a minimum, but it sounds like Frank will be partially/majorly retired upon completion unless I steal him away for a few hours here or there. With that said, I won’t be too concerned with excess heat on the pump. I received a jungle shipment today of 1000-3000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and have a few things on the hood to polish up before a final coat or two of crystal gloss.
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    Wife is taking the kids and going up to camp with her parents. I am staying home, getting laundry and dishes caught up, helping someone with a swapped around truck that won't crank from the key, but does run on Saturday, and then yanking the engine and trans from my own truck Sunday or Monday. Somewhere in there I am also supposed to do a bunch of work for one of my clients, but I have not gotten confirmation that he is dropping the car off yet.
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    Hey Eric, love that first sentence of your response, don't forget while you are amongst the RS members in Massachusetts put a plug in for us on the Sept Meet & Greet. Thanks
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    Welcome back. I use only my phone as well about 99% of the time. I can tether to this account but rarely do so because it uses so much data for just a few minutes. We have purposely "disconnected" from the internet and cable at home. We're too busy to use it. Using a phone is a VERY different experience from using a PC. I've gotten used to it after a few months. I also do not have, and have never had... A FB account. I have very little use for negativity, politics, or religious discussion. Redsquare is the only social media site I use. I get everything I need or want from the fine folks here.... About tractors yes... And also about everything else I've ever asked.
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    Never thought of that one.And,I do happen to have a porta power.I guess I'm never too old to learn something new.Especially from other RS members.
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    Happy Birthday @shallowwatersailor,we are all glad you were born!
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    Good luck with that! then head over and do Dan's We'll need much longer than a weekend for that.
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    Yes please keep in mind this is not just an extra day off work. A moment of silence through out your weekend to remember our Great Granddads and his sons and daughters for their sacrifice.
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    I'll put this here in the "other brands" section. Each year, Farmall Cub owners get together all throughout the country for an event called Cubfest. It's where Cub owners can get together, chat, eat, show their Cubs and have projects done on their Cubs. There are Cubfests in several different states at various times. Here in Missouri, we got together last Saturday, the 18th, in California, Missouri. Most Cubfests are small gatherings, others are large like the one coming up in Ohio, which is called the Barnyard Bash. But, I digress. Here are some pictures of this year's Mid-Mo Cubfest. That's my '50 Cub being worked on. The previous owner had shortened the governor rod, so I had to replaced it. We also check engine rpms as these Cub engines maxed out at 1800 rpms.
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    WOW! Talk about overheating! So sorry this happened to you Doc but it could have been worse. I like Randy's idea of the car wash or get the pressure washer out. Get the crud off of it and do the parts list thing. I'm sure you can come back from the big show with everything you need. Think of the great story you'll have when you get her running again.
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    I have an old Kohler K91 fuel tank you're more than welcome to have if you'd like it. It looks like a mini-suburban tank (same shame and fill port) but I think it's slightly smaller. May be able to make it work for the short term. PM me if you're interested Looks kinda like this one but dark blue:
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    The Kohler Command twins have a tendency to "pop" when being shutoff. My former 518xi would tend to do this, even though I used a treated fuel with Marvel Mystery oil. It is important to not let the engine backfire as it takes its toll on the muffler each time. Eventually it will split at the weakest spot. What I would do is let the engine idle down without a load to start to cool, then as I turned the key off I would shove the throttle to full. This would prevent a backfire. Remember that an air-cooled engine needs air to cool down. Low rpms don't move the air as well.
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    Wow that is an eye opener. I have driven diesel vehicles and worked on diesel tractors my whole life (I'm pretty young so thats not too long) I have gotten used to being covered in diesel and getting it everywhere without a care in the world. My only experience with gas has been pouring it in well maintained equipment like fourwheelers and rototillers. Since I have my own place and have started my little wheelhorse hobby I have noticed I have the same habits with the new gas powered equipment I have been aquiring. Just yesterday I had a puddle of gas under my 854, all over me, and all over the tractor trying to diagnose a running issue and fiddling with the pump and carb. Then I pulled the spark plug and checked the fire when it quit against the head of the gassy motor! Last week I had 2 gallon or so of gas leak out of a gravity fed carb on a different mower in the shed. Walked in flipped on the lights and plugged in a fan. It seems seeing this I may need to be more careful with my new fuel of choice before I end up like this poor C-120!
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    Just picked this little jewel up. Been sitting in a barn for 2 years. Starts right up and mowes great. Surprised at how solid the deck is. Has two small cracks in the seat and light surface rust, mostly on the hood.
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    Troll away Barry 👍
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    No hot spot on this phone because we have unlimited data. AT&T won’t allow hotspot with the unlimited data plan.
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    These are our mowing weapons! We mainly use the 2 '68 Toro Whirlwinds. They don't have any safety devices, so they just mow and blow the grass right out, no clogging! When we get lazy , Then we get out the C-105 with it's 36: rear discharge deck. C-85
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    Cas, I am so sorry to hear of your wife's suffering. I wish I had some magical advice to help you through these troubling times. I won't go into details, but several events over the past few years have caused me to spend hundreds of hours visiting family members and a friend in hospitals and rehab centers. Corresponding with another Red Square member in a similar situation has helped me cope with the pain of seeing a loved one suffer. Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk.
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    Years back my wife was hit by a red light runner, no injuries but the car was disabled. Our car and the car that hit her were covered by State Farm with the same insurance agent. It was two days before we were headed up to visit my mom and we were doing a little rustling on the way back. I told the insurance agent I needed something with four doors that could tow a light trailer, nothing you can rent can be used to tow! She made a couple of calls and smiled at me, "how about a F-250 crew cab long bed, will that work?" She said if we weren't with the same company it would have been an upgrade at extra cost. The moral of the story is if you are going to be involved in an accident be sure to be hit bu someone with the same insurance company!
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    Looks like you have been busy Nik and enjoying every bit of it, sounds like your doing all the right stuff. I am sure you and the son are waiting to ride.
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    Ok guys, I did some looking and realize now that CT isn’t exactly next door to the show... but imagine a bunch of us slinging tools and parts in the middle of the fairgrounds to do a rebuild on site! I know it’ll never be the same, but it would save just one more. My parts are the tank under the seat style, so I’m not positive what I have that’ll work... but as mentioned, what I do have that is usable is fair game!
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    the motor and trans should be okay, so it can be made better, stronger and faster, did I hear that someplace before ? good luck either rebuild it or use the parts to save another one's life eric j
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    If the meter goes up to 18 it sounds like it's a voltmeter. If it drops to 0 does the engine problem happen at the same time? I had a c-145 with a bad main fuse holder that would drop out the entire electrical system erratically and make it seem like a fuel problem
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    showroom condition rj-35 . It runs excellent. Everything functions as it should . Comes with all the good options schnacke recoil ,oil bath ,nos shower cap when put on , brake kit . All 4 tires are bf goodrich silvertown original tires and on excellent shape as pictured . I’m mainly looking for a trade for a tractor in equivalent condition 701-753-754-854 -420-lse -418-8 -417-8 must be clean . with options on it or cash can be discussed either way . Other newer tractors I’m interested in would be 60-70s models with sickle . (860) 681-3610
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    Here are some more Schanacke recoil documents I found and wanted to post with this thread.
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