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    About 5:30 last night my father in law called, my jokingly nature was quickly distinguished when I learned that my mother in law had been hit by a truck checking the mail. I made the 6 or 7 mile trek to their house in about 4 minutes, to find her in the ambulance and police taking statements. A vehicle was stopped in the road to turn left into a private drive directly across from their driveway so she proceeded to open the mailbox. A too fast to stop truck decided it safe to pass the Tahoe on the right, clipping her. I was so relieved to see her in that van moving her legs and able to focus and speak. Those are things we brag about when babies start growing. We shouldn’t have to be excited when the rest of our family is able to perform those functions because someone wasn’t paying attention, or driving too fast. She’s got 6 broken ribs and a punctured right lung with some air in her chest cavity, but expecting 6-8 weeks of intense pain and a full recovery. Call your parents, or kids or siblings. Remind them that you love ‘em. I’m glad to still have that ability today.
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    Thought I’d post this up There is a chap that has just made this model RJ58 and is possibly going into production . Early days yet I think he has captured the detail excellently and is a brilliant likeness hopefully one day will get to own a couple .
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    My baby girls 1st birthday was last weekend (19th), but we pushed her party back because of the forecast (🙄). We decided on a Unicorn theme.... now isn’t this just the cutest “horse” you’ve ever seen?? Figured some baby pictures would brighten up this overcast day haha!
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    I managed to get my driveway snow blowed with my 416H and 2 stage today then did some plowing with my 753. My kids got home from school and my oldest son who's 9 wanted to try plowing. Good thing my parents house is right next door and my dad hadn't plowed yet cause I was out of places for him to plow. The kid did great! 1st gear and just putted along. I was surprised he lifted the plow with no problems. Although this isn't his first rodeo. He plowed once when he was 5 on my 12 auto at an idle. I gotta stop giving up my play time or just find him a plow for his 1277. 1 pic from today and 1 from 4 years ago.
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    Great thread! I’ve heard some of these stories in other places but it is neat to have them combined in one area for reference if for no other reason. My love for started at birth with my dad’s 875. Here I am with mom circa 1979. This tractor was an awesome workhorse and it did a variety of tasks through the years. Dad, me, and little brother Nate circa 1983. This tractor never failed to cut the lawn, blow snow, or dig the garden all through my formative years. However, I grew up, got a job, married an amazing woman, and bought our first place. Went through a couple of lawn mowers and then happened upon this beast... It needed a little work and as I started to tinker with it, I caught the GT bug. I restored a couple Cubs and then I thought of dad’s old 875 sitting unused and neglected in the corner of his barn. He hadn’t used it in about 8 years due to purchasing a throw away mower. It was time for action! I convinced dad that it would be worthwhile to restore the old tractor since it had been in our family for 40 years. right at the completion of the resto-circa 2016 with my youngest, Zach. In the process of restoring it—I FOUND RED SQUARE and the hobby for me hasn’t been the same since. I have made so many new friends here and have acquired a small herd of my own with my kids owning a couple as well... This is a great site and these are great little tractors built for more than a lifetime of use and even better—a lifetime of memories! Thanks Elmer and Cecil—well done.
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    When I seen Medowfied's long haul dolly axle made from WH from axles, it made me remember, I have a project out under a tarp that needs finished. I took two old frames butted together, welded, then cut a piece of pipe and connect the steering rods, made a tongue, steering linkage and viola......4 wheel, wheel horse cart. I need to paint it up an install some accessories, try to finish it this spring.
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    753 & 1054 were both out playing in the snow yesterday. Already for the possible Big Snow we have coming to Michigan on Monday.
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    Well, I have to hop on this band wagon. I inherited the 4 horses that my Dad had...502, 702, 857 and 72 Raider 10. They were in the pole barn and hadn't run in almost 20 years. He passed in 2003, and I got to them about 2008. They were buried. I found Red Square about then, and the rest is history. I have bought and sold a few through the years. Sold the 502 to JoeBob and the 72 Raider 10 to Skipper in Denmark. I still have the 702, and the 857. I won the Raffle tractor at the Big show in 2010...a B-100...and I bought an 876 from Smokin'Joe. I am down to 4...kind of where I started...I was up to 7 at one point...I could not get to the fridge in the garage. That was unacceptable!!!
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    FYI A surprise finding of New Old Stock 32 inch 5-7321 Mower Decks (maybe 5) used on 1957, 1958, 1959 (RJ's, 1960 Suburbans and 1961 - 701's has been located, Not sure what the value of these might be and was surprised to see them in original boxes with all the original parts including drive belt, deck wheels and belt guard for the deck on the tractor. I never knew that the mower decks were painted all red underneath when coming from the factory. The 5-7321 Manual say these were made in 1969 by Wheel Horse but that they wer for the early (1957 to 1961) garden tractors. So the dealers must have had requests for replacement decks at that time in 1969.
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    Design by Nathan Amyx & Barry Gundlach started as a basket of 854 parts. powered by 6.5 predator with build kit. Currently produces appx 11-12 hp. The larger wrench on left side is hand clutch. This has right foot throttle control. Yes, it’s pretty fast. I’m really happy with the way this turned out. My entire collection is Wheel Horse Custom Modified’s. This fits right in.
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    @ztnoo ...and all others... As requested in another thread I've paraphrased, redefined, added to and minusized from a couple places to come up with a pile o local speaks to help you understand, comprehend, fathom, take in, grasp, figure out, identify with, know, perceive, appreciate, follow, master, conceive, be aware of, recognize, interpret, cognize, see through, learn, find out, ken, see (into), catch, note, and demystify ... The tongues of the nawtheest. Yah cahnt get they-uh frum heeya: Used when one is giving directions. Ayuh: Less like a word and more like a muted grunt, this is an acknowledgment that the speaker agrees with you or just plain heard that ya said something. If used at the end of a sentence, it indicates the speaker agrees with himself. Bah Haba: Bar Harbor, the most populous and most visited town on Mount Desert Island, e.g.: “Ain’t noweahs to evha pahk the cah in Bah Habah.” Beeyah(s): Beer(s). Beetah: A very old truck or cah, likely only drivable on one’s own property, as it is unsafe to drive on town roads... But doesn't stop ya from doin' so. Bummah: That is unfortunate. Buttah: Butter. A condiment that is served by the pint with a lobstah dinnah. Some folks use it on othuh stuff too. Buzz on: If the speaker has a “buzz on” or is “buzzed up,” he or she has had one too many beeyahs. Cah: Car. Chout: Watch out. Chuppta?: What are you up to? Creamuh: Stuff ya put in ya coffee. Cunnin’: A very odd word meaning, “cute.” Deeah: Dear. Next to “wicked,” you’ll likely hear “deeah” the most when in conversation with a Mainer, as in, “How can I help you, deeah?” Dinnah: The last meal of the day. (See also: suppah.) Doe-ah yahd: The front yard. Glay-ass: Glass. Hahd tellin’ not knowin’: I don’t know. Hammah down: To drive really fast or pass someone. “I’m tellin’ you”: An expression preceded by a statement or opinion, e.g.: “It’s wicked cold outside, I’m tellin’ you.” Jeezum crow!: Holy cow!, e.g.: “Jeezum crow that truck was hammerin’ down, I’m tellin’ you!” Jimmies: Sprinkles on ice cream. Lobstah: Lobster. Memba?: Do you remember? Mutha: The woman who gave birth to you. Old lady: Someone’s wife or girlfriend; this phrase has nothing to do with age. Out straight: Extremely busy. Pitchah window: Large piece of glass, usually on the front side of the house. Sea glaahs: Highly sought-after pieces of broken glass that have been smoothed out and rounded by salt water and ocean waves. They make wicked good jewelry. Shooah: Sure. Shoogah: More Stuff ya put in ya coffee. Sneakuhs: Any kind of Footwear you would install to do any kind of sport. Athletic shoe. Steamah: Steamed clams. Suppah: An early dinnah. Statie: State Trooper, e.g.: “Chout for those/them staties on I-95.” Stove up: 1) Exhausted, 2) Badly damaged. T’aint litely: Something that is not likely to happen. Wicked: Very; so; e.g.: “That was wicked awesome!” or “I had a wicked bad day.”
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    Hello all, Saw this today while on a service call... wonder how well it works and the reliabilty factor... Take one late 80s GMC Jimmy, 1 Fisher head gear setup, 2 kohlers, 2 JD snow blowers and a welder... Wallah 1 snow eating contraption Tony
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    Now offering to cut keyways in hubs with bad ones. Can also do pullies and other items that might be saved with a new keyway. Please inquire. Most common sizes available. $25.00 per cut including return shipping. Add $5.00 for second tapped 3/8-16 set screw in hubs including two black oxide cup points and jamb nuts. Ready for paint or install. Keys not included. PM for custom quotes or discounts on more than one hub. My bad.... discounts for supporters too!
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    Nicely built wheelhorse truck . Runs and drives great . Was built with a+ craftsmanship . Nice show cruiser or good to even use . (860)681-3610
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    Dad was a “collector” of sorts and I kinda had the itch but not sold on any particular brand till after he passed away. I inherited most of mine and bought a couple along the way. Joined here to let the ones my dad had dealt with know he had passed and never left. I’ll be a Wheelhorse nut till I am gone. Hope to pass it on to someone down the line.
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    Same story here. Been lurking on the sight. Grew up mowing camp on Lake Champlain with WH. Seems hard to locate one in Florida. Few months looking came home with this one yesterday. 1973-14hp (no name). model#10340 Looks like motor tag was K341S Serial #71106a maybe? Drive looks to be WH#5073-6 speed, low and high gear. 42" deck. Not a spot of rust on the machine is why I brought it home. Few questions... 1) What did I buy? Hard to gather some of the info on this unit-certainly not most popular one. 2) Will be mowing one acre 10 months a year very regularly with lots of leaves. Can I change deck to a side discharge to add a bagger to help pick up oak tree leaves? 3) Where is the best place to get parts? Would like to have a replacement set of belts/filter/blades on the shelf. 3) Besides cleaning carb, fluids, filters, any other tips for improving motor response to throttle? Do not seem to be able to engage blades in 3-high..the load wants to bog down motor.. Anyways, sorry to ramble. Eager to get ready for long growing season and figure out what we brought home to the garage. Thank you.
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    Some of you know my story about my introduction to the wheel horse family. But most don't know . I had a Craftsman tractor that I purchased in 1998 with a 19hp briggs and stratton engine. I used it for cutting grass and plowing snow for about 17 years, but I sold it 3 years ago and it still ran great. (Maintenance, Maintenance ) I wanted a really heavy duty tractor just for plowing and another for cutting grass. I started researching tractors online and I did look at a couple 70's cubs that I thought were built like tanks. But we're priced to high for what was there. My sister in law called and said there was an estate action and there was riding mowers. So I went . An old man had died and left 5 or 6 riders most were John deere's. The lady said $50 00 each stupid me i should have taken them all. But I saw l little red tractor and a bigger red tractor and they were in high grass over grown almost missed them. She said $50.00 for both of them. The little lawn ranger and the c160 was in bad shape. But the c160 I thought would make a good plow tractor. So I started disassembling it and was amazed at how well it was built. But I needed a source of information on how to repair or replace all the bad for new or rebuilt. I went online and typed my questions and was reading the answers. It was Redsqure where I found answers to every thing,diagrams,pictures and knowledge I needed. So I joined and started asking about how to repair my c160. I found concerned people going out of there way to help me. That really impressed me so I became a supporter. It's been about 3 years since I reconditioned it and it has served my well since. I know JD's and Club's are great tractors and I do have a cub for mowing only but only my wheel horse's do the hard work. My C160 has not failed to start and push the snow . That's why it's my WONDERFUL WHEELHORSE C160
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    I got my first wheel horse back about three years ago now. Literally bought it as a trailer full of parts from a very nice young fellow on this site. @Stepney That is a 1974 b80 that is now the Patriot horse. We had been using a Murray lawn tractor that I had picked up for free a few years before that. I don't need a riding mower so I had sold the deck to someone else to pay for the gas I had to go get it. That was a great running little Briggs 11 horse I C but the tractor was physically nowhere near enough weight. Only about 275 lb. I was referred to the Wheel Horse brand by a small engine guy that I had a lot of trust in. In a previous career he had worked at a dealer for over 20 years. My second Wheel Horse came a little over a year ago and that was a 1974 C160 that was in some kind of state of disrepair. That would be the cinnamon horse project. In June of 2018 I was perusing CL And Found What would soon be my honey's 657. Within a few days after that @Stepney came through for me again by finding a chassis for a 1977 C-160 that was in phenomenally better condition than the one I had so I have combined the two. Then this past August I won a few more at the estate auction some of you are familiar with. In the stable right now we have a 657, 867, 1267, 74 B 80, 74 c-160, enough parts to build at least two more whole tractors except for some small stuff. Implements we have ... two Snow and Dozer plows. One 42 inch wide and the other of 48. Also a Mid Mount grader.
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    I was 5 years old when my Dad brought home a new Suburban 400. I was immediately hooked. He traded it for a new 704 and then in 1968 I remember being very upset when he bought a green thingy. He said he liked the vari-drive. That one only made it two years until he bought a 70 Raider 12. I was happy again. That one stayed until he passed in 2005. My wife and I lived in Florida at the time and I found out my Mom set it on the road with a for sale sign and it quickly sold. I wasn't a happy camper but what could I say. She thought I wouldn't have wanted it. Going back to 1975 we got married and I had a Suburban 551 then shortly after I bought a new B-80. I won't go into that story again but it's still with me. Up to 2000 when we moved to Florida I had about 10 plus enough parts to build several others. Everything was sold for the move and I was without a Wheel Horse until 2009 when I found a 2005 Classic GT with 100 hours and made the buy for $1000.00 on the gulf coast. I stumbled onto a Suburban 400 about 15 miles away and quickly latched on to it. A short time later I was given a 500 Special and a 657 which I combined both to make the 500 Special nice again. They all made the move back here in 2017 and shortly after getting settled in my beloved 76 came home to me. I added an 854 to the collection at the big show last year. I don't have plans to add anymore but...………………………
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    I was looking on CL for a new mower, and stumbled upon Putt Putt in it’s formal glory. Then as most, found RedSquare.
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    A job came up where I thought I have just the tool for the job. Despite it not being finished, I welded a makeshift drawbar on my project trailer... the job in question: move this 20ft telegraph pole up through the fields so we ended up with bogie that was strapped to the pole. and towed 500ft up the field, job done! video here:
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    I bought this tractor around october and did quit a bit to get it up and running. I took the blade off the c141 and let the 854 have a go. Even though I didn't put the chains on yet and add some more weight to the rear it did amazing well. I realize that it's a fluffy snow and not very deep but the heavy stuff up by the road was no issue. I amazed at how well this little 8 hp did.
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    I picked up the March issue of Diesel Power magazine, and found this! It’s only taken 10 months since I submitted and about a month ago I gave up hope. This was taken long before it hauled 4 tractors or trekked to PA.
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    My grandpa had a 312-8 he bought in 1990-91 which was the first time I ever heard of a Wheel Horse. The first machine I had on my own I acquired in 1995 when I was 11, a 1984 C165. I've never looked back since and have a 315-8 and 520H and had a few 312s, a C145, and a C195 over the years.
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    Had some first time WH plow help from my daughter yesterday! She has driven it for fun in the past but not to plow. She usually helps with hand shovel work and snowblower duty but wanted to give the WH a try! While she liked it, I don't think I will lose any future seat time!!! Also video of my night-time setup (back light just blew out darn it...) and a pic of the old C-105 going to bed after another successful night plowing... IMG_0072_2.MOV IMG_0074.MOV
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