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    Well not exactly .... but got my latest issue of LG&T magazine and this was in it .....Kudos and hats off to writer @grnlark and @stevebo and those acredited for the pics and supporting our hobby and Steve's M & G. I had recently picked up another 520 and PO asked me why I had so many tractors and couldn't fathom the fact that ther was a such a following of these (fine) vintage machines. I just told him if I have to explain you wouldn't understand! Thank you Matt, Steve and Staff @ LG&T Sorry Kate I don't remember your handle here! Craig @AMC RULES this is where you insert a youtube of Dr. Hook @tunahead72 what are you listening to?
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    Dec. 31, 2017 8 AM 11 degrees F The only sound was the dry cold snow squeaking under each foot step. Three deer bolted when I entered the woods...look close, I got the last one with the Cannon. The critters were busy searching for a meal during the night, but the tracks showed Mr. Fox returned to his den with an empty belly. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
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    Geez Jim, My biggest fear is, when I croak, Mrs. K might sell all my toys for what I told her I paid for them. Somebody is gonna get some bargains.
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    When I was 6 my 4 year older brother talked me into peeling on an electric fence.
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    Jim ive always said every good man can count to 21!
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    Jim what is your address again??? I just realized that I forgot to send Cindy a Christmas 🎁....
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    My next door neighbor found this in his basement and thought I might like to have it. He was correct. 35 pages.
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    Once I'm gone it really doesn't matter what my wife sells the herd for, I just want them to go to a loving home. I don't have to tell the wife what any of them cost. She knows that her sewing machines each cost more than half of my herd and she has been eyeballing another one.
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    I stopped counting too Jim (way to many) . I know in my head what I’ve payed for each tractor and implement . It would be a good idea to write it down somewhere especially someone in my position . Should do a list for just the parts (mostly round hood) people threw in when I purchased a tractor too . What I should do is have a M&G I try to thin the herd a little without having to haul it somewhere. Maybe then I could talk the wife into a “vacation” to Portage if she knew I wasn’t hoarding a bunch of tractors. Who am I kidding like that will happen !
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    I have a couple choices
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    Decided to pull the sickle mower off (tired of tripping on it). Well next thing you know I started another project. Pulled the Briggs. Had a hard time getting the steering apart then pulled the trans. Did a little wet sanding. Has some pretty nice red under the rust.
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    A post from Ed Kennell got me to thinking..What is the absolute dumbest , studpidest thing you have ever done? the one that tops the list for dumb?....make me feel good, I'll tell you mine and you tell me yours..short version: was a maintenance welder for Kaiser Aluminum in a foundry - had these enormous baghouses with 100 hp electic motors pulling the air from the furnaces..30 inch pipe ran from the top of the building down to a 2 story baghouse...I was on probation not having my time in yet and needed the job...foreman told me to go into the pipe and by kicking my legs I would get the dirt moving ( it had backed up and not going into the baghouse )..said to duct tape my ankles and wrists and wear a dust mask ( the kind with two rubber bands ! ! ) and they would tie a rope to me to pull me back out after getting into the pipe thru a hatch (motor was running) after the airlocks started dumping dirt... In retrospect I should have told him to @3##7& but I did it anyway..this was before OSHA became really effective...dumb, dumb, dumb..etc...I hope I'm not the only idiot......
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    Can't wait to get my copy. Matt is a real asset to the magazine for sure.
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    Unfortunately .. or maybe not .. she holds the purse strings and I am honest with her, most times Ed, about what I paid for any given tractor. I just tell her I don't care what she does with them after I'm gone just give them to someone who will appreciate them!
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    I should have my wife start a list with price & where they are stored..... WHAT AM I SAYING??? I'm not ready for that kind of an argument. I like the creative thinking to get around ol lucky 13 Jim. I thought that you were back to 12 with the purchase of the 520, seems you had one leave at Christmas time?? Guess I'm gonna have to take a better inventory the next time I'm over there.
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    Everyone write that down... maybe tattoo it to your forearm so you don't/can't forget. Mayhaps these be the BEST words of advice, intelligence, knowledge you'll EVER glean from "the redsquares" or even the whole internets... Just make sure she's got all our contact info....
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    Well, I finally pulled the flywheel from the Briggs that locked up. Turns out that about 4 magnets decided to turn loose. The alternator ring seems ok. Guess that I got lucky. Gonna have to source a flywheel and save it for another project. Now, I've got another excuse to find another project after my bank account has a chance to recover from Christmas.
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    I probably should have have my shoes off when I count so as I can get past ten!
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    Actually it was my wife's idea. ... she was counting tractors and said I was 18. Well I says we don't count the two vertical shafts or parts or non running tractors. She says WELL you got TWO 1055's that can eventually made into one running??? She's got a point and who am I to argue ..works for me. Skipped the 13!
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    January is almost here. Time to start preparing for the BIG Show. I just bumped the support member discount to 25% for the entire Month of January so if you are working on a tractor for the show now is a good time to save on decals. If you are a support member and have registered at redoyourhorse.com you will see all prices are 25% lower than retail when you are logged in. If you are a paid support member and have not registered please pm me with your name so I can add you to the RS Support group which will give you any discount in effect at the time you order. Thanks again for supporting this great forum. We look forward to seeing you at the BIG Show this year. Sincerely Terry, Lola & Buddy
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    Anyone notice anything fishy here @WHX14 just skipped right over WHX13 @PeacemakerJack@Achto@wheelhorseman@prondzy
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    Thanks guys. I have these clowns to ribb me now. Never a dull moment for sure. And you are right about unconditional love. They are always happy when you come through the door.
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    Forgot to add she's got a list of all our tractors and what we paid in case I croak and she's gotta get rid of them! Smart woman or unlucky me?!?!
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    Gonna be a clean up and oil up, gonna keep her original
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