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    Chapter 6: Did I say that I am an Eagle Scout?? 35 years at Illinois Bell...10 years as a Lineman...25 years as a cable splicer. Ran Ditch Witch and Vermeer trenchers, bull dozers and back hoes...drove 14 speed road rangers with 20' trailers through Chicago. Spliced 3600 pair cables...loved my 1992 Dodge bucket truck. Know how to beat in and solder lead sleeves...this is a lost art now. So how does this all tie together?? 1. My cooking skills have led to my girlish figure. all the sand is on the bottom. 2. My swimming days...my heartbeat is still around 60...and except for my arthritis...pretty healthy. 3, My Navy training made it possible for me to find Elcamino at the show 2 years ago. 4. My Sinclair days and phone company days made it possible for me to get into transmissions and engines on the horses. 5. When you put it all together...I have been very fortunate to find a group like this that lets me share all I have learned and still lets me keep learning with them. I thank you all for this. I am very lucky to have found a home with this group of people from all over the world. HOW IT ALL STARTED
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    Named my two 'Wallace and Gromit'. Gromit (foreground) as the 'Grafter' and Wallace that has done very little, apart from hauling a Trailer/Cart occasionally and just takes me for leisurely rides nowadays-
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    great names for both. Took my son Caleb on a rangling trip to get his first on the six hour drive round trip.He read to me an old western novel.In it the main character had a horse named “Jack Rabbit” and Caleb decided it would be a good name for his first acquired Especially since it has the faster gearing.
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    This is Caleb responding—You were really close Ed. The sheet metal is in good shape it still needs a little polishing up from me.There are still some things to fix on it then it will be ready to go.Dad says it’s got faster gearing because it’s a C model and so I named it “JackRabbit”. The older gentleman selling it owned it for years.His health would not allow him to use it any more.And so now it’s my horse to care for at the ranch.
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    Picked up this Nylint Wheel Horse delivery truck.
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    NO NO NO, Don't do that! You'll get all tangled up in Jim's suspenders and end up in the middle of the road during the cruise. We'll have to shut the whole show down and all the little kids there will be scarred for life!
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    The GT14 is temporarily named "Skittles" self explanatory. My two seater project should be named cobwebs but it has attained the title "Rough Draft" . You'll see why one day. All the rest of them I call "Come On" as I am turning the key to start.
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    Looks like too much pizza and not enough girls!
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    Beast of a first tractor. Guess go big and don't look back. 👍
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    My 2nd job was building Alternators, starters & Generators in 1976, The man seen my mechanical ability & Paid me, a 16 year old Boy 12.00 a hour, he new my Father was hard on me, I wont go much farther on that one other then saying i come from a strick German Family, it wasnt enjoyable, thou it made me independent ! When i graduated in 78 i joined the US ARMY & Dam Proud of my time served as a 63 Bravo, Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, and since then till now, im coming up on 40 years as a Diesel Mechanic, I did it on my own! I know what its like to Live on the street, I Give my kids every thing my Father didnt give me ! yea im a Joker, doesnt bother me to talk about my self, I'm a Leader & taught my kids to be also, & yes i got wacked with a Rolling Pin LOL
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    wheel horse 1045 garden tractor. Only one made square hood/round fender tractor. Runs awesome with no smoke, has all 4 brand new tires, goes into all gears like it should. Needs drive belt as this one slips under load and battery. All original except tires $650 don't really want to sell this so please no low ballers
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    He typed Pizza, but maybe a Code ? Piza of her azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Sorry Square, i'm flying on ether today, hard time starting a few trucks Now on another Note, what feeds my Son Alex the Farmers addiction ? Your Chatting with him, but im done buying for him, Now i Picked Jim @elcamino/wheelhorse to start filling his Stable, Then Eric in Maine is next @ebinmaine hahahaha FEL Heavan
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    UP Michigan snow blowers. Red one is tall chute model? Da Big Louie Snowblower, one of many Yooper Innovations found at http://dayoopers.com As it turns out, I now own one of the blowers used to build Big Louie, A Moto Mower Snow Shark
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    I have 2 of the 44" took the wheels of and added a galvanized steel top. Still trying to fill the drawers.
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    BRF I think the rolling pin did some damage , you may want to get it checked out. My military service. Like Steve on a stick I was in the first lottery, number 69. I was in my senior year at college and knew I should bend over and kiss it good bye. I got lucky in got in a Army Reverse Unit . Got my first after college in June and August I was in boot camp. That fall I was going to Helicopter mechanics school. I finished the school in January 1971 as a Crew Chief on a Huey. Crew chief on a Huey was also a door gunner. How can you hug me , we haven't even slow danced yet.
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    Chapter 5:: After "A" school in Florida (6 months), I did graduate 1st in my class. I was lucky to do that, since, cents, sense I had badly sprained my little finger on my left hand, and most of what our class was about was typing. Just to show I am a fighter. Anyway...went to Winter Harbor, Maine for 36 months...saved the world 3 or 4 times and came out an E-5 looking for a job. 1974 Because they were "hiring the vet" found a job in...well got out of the service May 24, 1974...started with Illinois Bell June 4, 1974. This is the only time I did not have a job...that 2 weeks. I really missed the life guard days at this point. I had not found Rack & Rye yet.
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    Chapter 3: I knew that building pizzas and saving girls from drowning at the city pool would not last forever. It was with much remorse that I left those professions and pursued a job at a Sinclair service station (the dinosaur is in my blood). Did you know that the gas tank on a VW bug is in the front under the bonnet. One of the 1st things I learned my 1st day on that job. During my 3 years at that service station, I learned how to rebuild 6 and 8 cylinder engines, change tires and balance wheels, talk to customers, wash windshields, gas weld and braze. Oh, and during this time I also managed to get a 2 year Associate degree at the Elgin Community College. I was also voted "Most Valuable" on their 1968 swim team. (very proud of that). End of Chapter 3
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    Well, I'm going to have to do this in Chapters. Chapter 1: I started out painting stick figures in caves on the walls...tales of hunting beasts that are no more and things like that. When we discovered fire, we kind of got away from hunter/gatherer and started growing crops. We discovered fermentation, which took some time, and that is how civilization started...no more nomads. This went on for some time. It was hard work, but invention was the mother. The invention of the wheel ruined everything...people lost their jobs...recession...soup lines. It took many years for it all to even out, but we survived. End chapter 1.
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    When my “local circle” buddies see this thread they are gonna chuckle because I have a fettish for naming my tractors. I try to even name some of their new tractors but they just won’t have it! They are gonna wonder why I never thought of making a thread like this... So here goes... This is dad’s tractor owned since 1975 and we call it the “Iron Horse” pretty self explanatory but it has worn like iron through the decades—now spends its days leisurely loafing around the corral! This is Dad’s plow rig. I named it Clyde. Short for Clydesdale because they are one of the biggest and most majestic of the draft horses. This is my wife’s diesel. She was under pressure from me to name it something cool like Smokey or Beast but instead she simply chose RED! Not very original but it gets the job done. This is my plow mule. I named it “GhostRider”. That is a long story and you’ll have to visit my thread on it if you want to read the whole thing. I was so impressed with its plowing prowess that I wanted to create a dark horse that would haunt the other plow rigs in the fields that weren’t buddies of mine. “That guy just keeps on coming for us, we can’t shake him” This is my youngest sons tractor Blackbeard. He named it because of the black hood and he was going through a pirate phase when we picked it up. This is my latest addition to the stable and I’ve named him Vader. I’ve always felt like the grill hood area on these tractors favors either a Samurai helmet of Darth Vader. This is my son’s newly acquired tractor named “JackRabbit”. This is a fun thread and I really like your resto @Spokane Dave!!! What a pretty tractor and a fitting name.
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    So my current tool box is loaded and a couple drawers don’t always close unless I make sure everything in it is completely flat. Scored this US General tool-box setup a couple weeks ago on Craigslist. I was jumping on a plane to Florida so my neighbor shot up into Massachusetts to grab it for me ( thanks @Docwheelhorse ). This new one is 77” wide and 61” tall when the lid is closed!! Looks like I’ll be doing some tool shopping soon! First on my list is a nice set of gear/ratcheting type wrenches. Also need to get the stickers off it 😡...not a fan.
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    I am the same way...have always preferred to be alone or with a very small group of people that are close friends. Since joining up here...I feel like I have found a while lot of new friends, and really looking forward to this summer and the Big Show...should have everything together by then and unless something drastic changes I will make it this year
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    Who cares this way get to know each other better. This helps me learn more about people I have met at the Big Show and others I would like to meet. I have say that basically all my life I have been an introvert . I don't like crowds , meeting people or joining groups. Until my First Big Show I would have never dreamed of attending like that. Look what happen you and squonky cracked my shell , and I can now say I have many friends in the world today.
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    i havent named my horse, but i did name my little ransomes crawler he's called wall-e
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