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    https://ca.news.yahoo.com/farming-tragedy-came-worlds-largest-090000823.html Garry
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    Well I got it on my buld table and started the tear down. Only thing getting in my way rite now is the roll pin in the steering wheel is locked and some one broke a punch off it the other side ! But my snap,on man says he can get me a bit to drill it out. This was a one owner and man it show it ! Everything is solid and not worn out like most you see. Also being in a shed for 30+ years helped. Can someone tell me how to find the year on this or if its a 400 or 550 . Here are some pics. I will keep you all posted if you like.
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    Here in the middle of show season, and seeing so many people comment about something being a "calendar shot" or "calendar worthy" I thought I'd post up a place for people to submit recommendations for calendar pictures for 2017. We also benefit from not scrambling for pictures when it comes time to make the calendar! If you're going to post here, please use the highest resolution or picture size possible. If you can't upload a high res picture due to size restrictions, feel free to PM me for my email address and you can send it directly to me to put in here. Feel free to post links to threads containing pictures you'd like to recommend, or simply copy and past them into your post. They should (hopefully) just copy over in the HTML of the post. edit:.... please submit only one photo in each post, with names/model numbers. Please keep commentary to a minimum in this thread and show your appreciation for pictures posted by simply clicking the LIKE button. Located conveniently right here. || || || || \ / \/ Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I have a 1965 Wheel Horse 1075 that I have restored after it sat out in a cattle pasture for about 30 years. I have brought it to the wheel horse show at the South Mountain fairgrounds in Arendtsville, PA twice so far.
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    Custom built Articulated 4x4 312 Classic. This was built early spring 2016 to take to the WheelHorse Show in PA. Runs great full time hydraulic 4x4 with hyd steering. All hoses /fittings/wiring /tires/seat/battery new. Paint is Base Clear. Nice clean tight machine .Price is $5500.00-Best Offer cash - will consider trades of Wheelhorse tractors also I'm into Mopar Muscle Cars/trucks or any pre-1966 Chevy Truck in trade all in any condition. Upcoming delivery arrangements can be made to Portland Indiana summer or fall show/swap, Scotts Meet N great in Leesburg Indiana. If you are interested or have trade in mind please email me at : whlpny1@gmail.com I will look at all offered options Thanks.
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    I think I fixed my Issue with mobility and the seat my father-in-law Took the seat off and drilled two holes further back then we reset the seat. I still have an issue putting my legs over the transmission area but I figured out that while while I'm on the seat if I take my right hand and place it underneath the fender on the right side and rotate my legs completely over the steering wheel and drop them down on each side that's going to be the easiest way although I look like I'm doing something for the Olympics it works I'll just have to get used to it here are some pictures of the modified seat . I also forgot to mention that I also have to place the mower deck lever all the way forward to do this.
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    Pictures from the UTC thresheree in Symco Wisconsin. On the show grounds known as Unionville The down town street in Unionville The lumber used to build this mill was all cut with the saw mill on the show grounds. Making flour inside the mill Some night time entertainment on their outdoor stage The steel bridge that was moved to the grounds from a near by highway after it was decommissioned by the state. The tractor on top is a real tractor not a lighted cut out. PeacemakerJack and his son turning some ground on GhostRider. Jack was nice enough to let me do a little plowing with this sweet machine. Thanks again Jack! My line up of garden tractors This Roof Palomino was very cool. For those who don't know this is a garden tractor. Attachments include 60" deck, push blade & more. Definitely one of my bucket list tractors. Ford & doodle bugs were the feature. This 1920's Ford is running a silo filler Some Doodle Bugs Very nice work on this MF Sign does the talking on this one This started out life as a GE electric tractor. Uses a speed increasing gear box to the rear end, and a dead mans clutch A little fun time with my Rat Rod Suburban. Like most shows you can't get pic's of every thing. Check out the UTC post in General shows & events for more pics.
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    6-12's on my short frame tractor work well for getting around. Really easy on the turf with no tire slippage, Climbs up and through anything I have. Haven't really worked them hard yet...but maybe some day...
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    One last item that my buddy worked out with a guy we met through the auction. A 1988 520H with a RD deck that was located down the road. Really good condition and everything but the lights seem to work. Nothing like unloading one of these in the middle of the night.
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    8-2-1992 Jackie Joyner-Kersee wins gold in heptathlon, again On this day in 1992, Jackie Joyner-Kersee becomes the first woman ever to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals in the heptathlon. Born and raised in East St. Louis, Jackie Joyner overcame poverty and chronic asthma to win a scholarship to UCLA, where she starred on the basketball and track teams. (Jackie was not the only standout athlete in her family: Her brother Al was a six-time NCAA champion in track at Arkansas State University.) At her first Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984, the 22-year-old Joyner, running on a sore hamstring, missed the gold in the heptathlon by just five points: She scored a 6,385 to Australian Glynis Nunn’s 6,390. The Joyner family was not shut out of gold, however. Jackie’s brother Al, who would later marry sprinting sensation Florence Griffith, brought home top honors in the triple jump. In 1986, Joyner married UCLA track coach Bob Kersee, who became her trainer. Two years later, after winning the 1987 world championships in the long jump and the heptathlon, Joyner-Kersee won gold in both events at the Seoul Olympics. Her 7,291 points set a new world record for the heptathlon and her jump of 24’3 ” was a new Olympic best. Four years later, Joyner-Kersee entered the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona the heavy favorite to win heptathlon gold. Now a seasoned veteran of the circuit, she led the field for the entire event. On August 2, the second day of competition, Joyner-Kersee started the day with a long jump of 23’3 “, good for first place. Prior to her final jump, though, she was run into while sprinting next to her rival Sabine Braun of Germany. Braun had defeated an injured Joyner-Kersee at the 1991 world championships, and the bump was later deemed “psychological warfare” by Bob Kersee. It was no matter to his wife, though: She overcame a poor finish in the shot-put by finishing the 800 meters in a respectable 2:11, which gave her a total of 7,044 points and the gold medal. It was only the seventh time that a woman had scored 7,000 points in the heptathlon, and the sixth time Joyner-Kersee had broken the barrier.
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    A set of rear tire chains are much cheaper than a pair of new bar tires. I put chains on my turf tires to till the garden with rear mounted tiller and have no trouble. I have long slopped gravel driveway and large concrete pad in front of house and the chains work very well to blade or snow throw in the winter. I don't have a pull behind dirt plow however so my comment may be all wet..... Well, I can't spell sloped either.... I've already slopped the pigs......
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    Pretty sure he's talking about moldboard plowing..... It's really a case by case kind of question. Some guys swear by their turf tires with chains for ground breaking, others say you have to go bar tread tires and just keep adding weight. It's all dependent on what works best in your soil conditions.
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    Another vote for a good cleaning and reassembly here... they're only original once, and that is definitely too clean to restore.
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    ...and another one here. Awesome picts Achto.
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    This is such a nice survivor,,,,,,dismantel it....clean everything up....and reassemble it,,,,,,,no paint...... I envy you and this excellent find.....Dont get me wrong....I love a shiney tractor...... But i see a true gem under the little dirt and grim that is here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Good luck...what ever happens,,,this is a cleaner and straighter round hood than what most guys have after their rescue efforts,,,,,Craig says it best,,,,,save a piece of history ,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks for sharing..... Howard 857 Horse in VA..............
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    Thanks for the info
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    I really expected to see more pictures from this auction.... there had to be members there.
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    The show grounds are amazing and the working displays are fantastic. I have attended the Florida Flywheelers events before and love their facility, but this may be even nicer. Calendar shot for sure! Thanks for taking us along.
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    Just a heads up for you to BE CAREFUL. I moved my seat back on a Raider !0 as I was too fat, too old , or maybe both to even get on the darn thing. Then one day i was on a slope with the front end elevated and decided to get off the mower. Because the seat was moved rearward, when I leaned back and swung my leg over the steering wheel, the seat pan latch let loose and I dropped right on my tail bone. It took me an hour to somehow get in the truck and drive home and three weeks to be able to lift any kind of weight..I consider myself very lucky not to require surgery to fix things Just add a 14" bolt with a stop nut to hold the seat pan on and it just tales a minute to remove and then tilt the seat pan back.to check the gear lube level.
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    You've got a good father inlaw to drill those two holes. Does he have a drill press? I drilled the spring steel mounts on a 312 without the help of a drill press and boy I had one heck of a time drilling through those two pieces of steel. And of course it was about 100 degrees while I was doing it, so that made the whole thing that much more painful. LOL
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    Here's a few of my show pics.
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    A bit late for this one, but file this away for reassembly time. High temperature thread-locker was used on these machine screws; warming them up with a torch will break the bond and you can break them free while warm. When it goes back together you will want to use some.
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    Are you in a hurry?? It is worth waiting if you can't salvage what you have for the right piece to come along. Try an ad in the "Want Ads" someone may have the piece. I'm going to do some investigation...maybe I can figure something else out for you.
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    Sorry, as you can see in my avatar, I am always thinking about the white stuff. Your 857 will do good in the white stuff also.
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    I like bar tires for ground engaging and snow removal, and straight treads for lawn care. I have used chain, but you need to keep an eye on them as they tend to get loose and can damage fender pans and take out hydro fans.
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    plowing soil. should have specified.......
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    It depends on what kind of surface you are plowing. Assuming it is level...blacktop is good with what you have...concrete is also good with what you have and maybe chains...gravel is good with what you have with chains or ags. I've been fine with just tires like yours for years and I have not had to use chains. I have concrete for a surface.
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    I have some more pics of my haul separated, but I don't have any of the auction scene itself. I got there later than I wanted to so I was too busy looking at items and bidding at the same time. It was a fast paced auction as well. It was nice to meet you Stike. I'm glad the fender worked out for you.
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    OK, so this guy added the piece to be the same as the other side?? I can't tell in the pictures, but did he slide what goes into the bearing race out also?? Then you need to grind off the welds and slide the piece that goes into the back and weld that...or get another half from Racinfool40. Is that what is going on??
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    Not a hydro but my 312-8 has pulled a 5x12 landscape trailer with about 1200lbs of wheel horses on it. Trailer + cargo about 2400lbs + or -. Mind you, it was level ground, and I did get pushed about a foot when I tried to stop in the grass. It moves the empty trailer no problem no pushing. The horse is only as strong as its weakest tooth. Lol
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    I also vote for no paint. A good cleaning, a massage with green scotch brite, and an oil rub down.....makes all these old girls come to life and look good. Good luck no matter what you decide and to BTW, when all the else failed, In order to not damage the steering wheels, I have cut the shaft to be able to place the shaft in a vise to drive out the pin and to drive the shaft out of the wheel. Then bevel, weld, and grind the shaft smooth.
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    @kougar31 The starter drive on the starter may be dirty and not extending into/onto the flywheel when the starter spins. Or, maybe the teeth are worn off the starter drive and not engaging. Disconnect the battery, remove the cable from the starter and remove the starter and see what the starter drive looks like and go from there.
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    I'll definitely have to look into that I'm not sure but I thought it was some kind of latch does that make a difference or no? I know he a drill with the drillbit about as big as my index finger.
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    Great solution. I had a seat for my 312h that the holes would not line up. I just redriled like you did and it worked out ok. Funny how a little thirst quencher makes the job so satisfying when it's done.
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    Don't worry , I won't tell the boss . Someday I might need a favor !
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    For those of you reading this thread now that it is active again; Do Not Under Any Circumstances Hammer On The End Of The Lift Lever Shaft. The steel is very soft and will mushroom faster than you can say Wheel Horse. If PB Blaster does not penetrate, go to your local Chevy Dealer and buy a can of GM penetrant. That stuff goes where PB Blaster cannot. Once the two sections start twisting just keep spraying the penetrant. It will come apart, just be patient.
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    Here i sit......1st day of August....looking at pics,,,Wow I finally met Richard,,,,,super great guy....1 state away....Never spoke to Craig untill this year..I enjoyed meeting the Team Rules..Good couple.... We all talk about seat time,,,,well.....at the show lawn chair time is priceless,,,talking with friends,,,this was my best year yet....Road apples spent some time at the Mash Pole Group Therapy tent... and we stayed soooo long,,,,security ask us to go home in the nicest way they could.. I missed the fire pit time...if there was any.....I know i had the energy,,,i took a nap during the day...and later found out a couple of you were keeping an eye on me,,,,making sure I WAS napping !!! Thanks for that,,,friends do that..... well.......its late now...im tired....and i know you guys will let me snooze,,,,,,,,until the am...when the world wants me back........... talk soon.....and thanks to anyone that made a contribution to this thread and my nap time,,,, Howard 857 horse in Va
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    Nope. It was apart. The guy said he had to weld the piece to the differential to "fix" it, but it lacked about 5/8" going back together. Funny thing is that it wouldn't close by the same amount he added to the dif. That's why I'm thinking it shouldn't have been added.
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    My father bought a new Norlett Commander in 1974,it had a Briggs and Stratton engine with an electric clutch and 36 inch deck.The engine seized and I eventually gave it to a friend of mine,meanwhile I bought a new Wheelhorse which was identical except for the clutch.I sold it to my brother and it was stolen from his garage,I replaced it with a Wheelhorse 312-8 Kohler in 1987 and still have it today with over 2400 hours-still on the original exhaust.My friend with the Norlett fitted a Kohler engine and associated bracketry which he sourced in the U.S and refurbed it to a very high standard,even galvanising the deck.It is used weekly to cut his lawn He still has the original sales brochure I gave him with the Norlett,I am sure I could scan it to anyone who is interested.
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    I ended up getting a 657 with a 10hp Tech engine, 1277, belts, fenders(400 series) and hoods(520H,416-8 and 520xi), tire chains, Howard tiller blades, tiller, snow blowers and dozer blades. Prices were cheap on parts. The D160 with the blade went for $475. The rear end was pretty rusty because they had a salt spreader out back.
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    I thought the crowd would be bigger . Boxes of N.O.S. engine parts were cheep 10-20 average .They did not sell all the parts advertised, I think they sold the obsolete stuff and kept the newer stuff . most collectors were there for the old stuff anyway. I only made one purchase and left by noon , so I didn`t get prices on tractors . I got the 55 rj35 early model with tank stand, aluminum wheel original engine two piece front wheels missing Schnacke recoil and correct intake belt guard and oil bath air filter. I spoke with one of the owners and he said they took it in on trade about 30 years ago and was sitting on a shelf since.
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    Was nice to finally meet these guys face to face... L-R... Richard(953Nut), Tom(Shynon), and Terry(TerryM).
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    Ok, been busy with work and all, my pulling tractor, and other projects I am working on. So I have not had time to reply to some of the questions that were asked. I apologize. So, here goes... The new front tires on my 552 I purchased about about a year ago from M.E. Miller Tire off of ebay. They are Firestone Turf Guides. Not sure if Miller still sells them... did not see them on their web site the other day. The tread is quite similar to the original tires that were on the 552 tractor. I liked the fact that they were Firestone branded and that's why I bought them because my dad liked Firestone tires. He even had one of those Firestone rubber tire ash trays that he always kept near his seat at the dinner table. The lift lever was finally disassembled with torch heat and a heavy duty press which I don't have in my garage. Fred did say that the shaft was swelled from the end down about an inch or so... probably from me pounding on the end of the shaft trying to get it pushed out of the sleeve. I think I understand that instead of twisting the shaft loose to get it out, by pounding on the end I was probably making the fit of the shaft in the sleeve more and more a tighter press fit. So, the more I tried to pound or push it out, I was only making it tighter. I did not ask if I could go through their bone yard to look for any old Wheel Horse tractors. I will have to do that next time I get down there. Wheel prep and paint... sandblasting, a lot of hand sanding to smooth out rough spots, Rust-o-leum spray bomb primer and paint. I chose to use Rust-o-eum spray cans instead of a professional automotive paint job due to relatively low cost of spray cans at the local Wal-mart stores. I am quite comfortable and adept at using spray cans I have spray bombed lots of other projects all my life including spray painting those plastic models cars when I was a lot younger than I am today. I also use one of those squeeze trigger handle attachments that you can place on the top of spray cans, so it kind of feels like I am using a "professional" sprayer. I find using spray cans can do a really nice job if the spray technique is done properly... start and end the sweeps off of the parts being painted and allow several light coats to dry some between each coat instead of spaying on one heavy coat that has the chance to cause runs. Takes some time and lots of patience but I am proof that a spray bomb paint job can be done successfully. Besides, as long as my paint job looks good to me and lasts maybe another 20-30 years, I will be pleased. And finally, I can only hope my dad would be proud of my restoration project. He passed away 20 years ago and I still miss him dearly. I do know he would probably smile some but wouldn't have much to say as he always was. When I was about 15-16 years old, he had a 1940 Dodge pick up truck that we used on the farm I grew up on. The old truck was pretty beat up but one day I asked him if I could have it and fix it up. He told me not to waste my money on the truck. He said it was junk and he wouldn't let me have it. Today, I now wish I would have stolen that old truck or taken it anyway. Sometimes, when I just sit down and look at his old Wheel Horse now and think about how beat up it was a couple years ago when I got it, I wonder if he would kick my ass for putting lots of my time and money into fixing it up. But I can honestly say that even though I have spent a lot of time and money in this project and eventually the resale value will ever only be several hundred dollars, this tractor is worth a fortune to me personally. They say everything has a price, however I wouldn't ever sell this tractor for any obscene offer... at least while I am alive to enjoy it. Thanks to all you RedSquare members here on this fantastic Wheel Horse forum. I enjoy reading about your projects as well and will promise to keep you informed as I bring my dad's 1962 552 WH tractor back to its second life. Still can't wait for the day I saddle up and ride her again.
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    Thanks so much guys! I've never been part of a community that is full of so many helpful and genuinely kind folks. Best thing I did was getting into ! I'm going to pull it apart this week to see what shape it is in inside and with the repair.
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    I have found that heating the roll pin with a torch and letting it cool removes the hardening and will allow you to drill it out. I agree, 1960 400 Suburban (no battery box). Diffidently like the idea of removing the wrong year decals and give it a good cleaning. A wonderful survivor like this should be celebrated!
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    I like to see em all too. JD'd, Cubs, WH, farm tractors they are all good. My dad and I restored a 54 Chevy pu, and an early Farmall F-20. And it's great to have a fellow Lancaster Countian on here (I live in Stevens). Welcome to the lil red site, these guys here are great and helped me out a lot and my first restore has just begun.
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    I do believe you and I had a conversation concerning graders at some point. I only have experience w the 50" which mounts to the axle and is pushed. When tearing out stone and soil in my opinion you're better off w the axle mount vs a 40" on the mid tach a matic. The rear axle is the strongest point on those tractors. Some me guys will argue that the 40 is better because it drags like a real grader. Ummm hey guys these are little teeny tiny garden tractors lets just appreciate them for what they are. I've cleaned up our driveway many times w my 50. I've tried tow behind York rakes and a 6' driveway groomer. Nothing, and mean NOTHING, has worked as well. It's highly efficient and easier to use than the other methods I've tried.
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    50 is a push blade because of being mounted on the rear axle attach o matic and the 40 is a pull because of being mounted on the mid hitch. A push blade will have more of a tendency to dig down with down pressure applied and the pull type will have more of tendency to want to spread and float better. Now being thats it's attached to a tractor that is really not all that heavy and if it's a manual vs a hydro you really wont have down pressure. So other than width difference you probably won't notice a difference.
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