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    As some of you my screen name Riley088 is after my daughter Riley who was born in 2008. Last year she decided to take claim of my 1077 that was in really nice original condition. Everytrhing on it worked the way it was supposed to with no issues so I felt safe with her on it .She loved taking around the yard with of coarse myself or my wife right with her. Torwards the end of last season she said "daddy i want you to paint my tractor this winter" I was thinking this will be a nice winter project. Then she said "daddy I want it pink" so off to home depot to let her pick out what color pink she wanted. the tractor was taken all the way down and the work began. It was a great one to do. She absolutly loves it and thats what makes it worth it. Enjoy BEFORE
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    This is a project that gives me hope for the next generation, we need more teachers like you.
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    Funny you should bring this up Mike. I've had nothing but problems keeping my stuff going and I just recently figured out stuff is getting into the carb.( My lawn ranger gas tanks are really dirty with rust and junk) I took a look at the fuel filters I've been buying at $7.99 a crack from my local hardware store and read on the package that it is a 40 micron filter. So I started looking around and found some 80 and 150 micron filters for sale at a place not too far from home. I opted for the 150 micron filter at a easy to swollow $1.29 each in a 10 count package. Cleaned up my carbs and tested these out and now when I drop the bowl on my carbs they're very very clean. so far I've cleaned carbs and installed these better filters on three of my four lawn rangers and am very happy with the filters performance. I'll have to wait and see how they do for the long hall. Just my 2 cents ....
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    How many of you guys or gals have a Snowco implement trailer to haul your GTs around on? If you have one, then post a picture of it. They were built here in Nebraska (In Omaha) and that's one reason I like them and also the same brand as 8 or 10 of my trikes.... I have 2 of them. First one is a 954, 900lb capacity 54'' wide 10' 10'' long. Second one I just got yesterday is a 948, 900lb capacity 48'' wide 9' 9'' long.
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    Well here is #3........ A local Shriner Tri-Scat's group member showed up at my work Monday looking for the "Trike Guy". I said here I am.... He said he wanted to trade 3 for 1. (Trike wise). I said hey check out this trailer im redoing over here and its even a Snowco..... He said hey I just sold one of them to my son. I said is it forsale? So he called him and told me where to find it here in town. Lets just say the bills flew out.. More pictures.
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    Holy crap! I need a scorecard, or a dictionary, I don't speak squonk.
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    Update on my Suburban 401 Restoration: Took off the snow blade today so that I can work on the tractor easier and move it around better...Will put it back on before winter as I think I am going to use the Suburban to plow snow this winter before I restore it next spring. Also, took the original 4 hp out today as it does not have any compression and I could not get it going. Luckily, I have 2 other K90/k91 Kohler's (one is rebuilt and one is not) laying around (that I bought from my grandpa for this project) so I am going to put the one in it for temporary (Will put the rebuilt 4hp in later when I actually restore the tractor). Am putting the one in now so I check everything out and get some seat time! I have to admit, these little Kohler's sure are easy to work on and move around! Here is a little interesting side note: The K90/91 that I putting in the Suburban now (Is the red one in my pic) is actually the same engine that my Grandpa had in his RJ58/59 when he bought it new in '58/59 and also the same engine that my dad later used in his mini bike as a kid when my grandpa sold the RJ so it is a great piece of family history and I think it is cool I will be using the same engine in my own tractor 50+ years later! Next step will be to get the engine in, get a few things hooked up, and take the Suburban for a test run! Sorry if this was a little long! LOL! ~ Taylor
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    A commitment and sight to behold. If the young people do not get involved in old Iron, this might be the last generation that did. Thanks and luck to you. Larry Harrison Dexter Warsaw Missouri
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    What another exciting night of tractor club! Club meeting #3 was a huge success! The kids were ready to work and get dirty, and that they did. We had a few club members absent due to previous commitments. Those that were in attendance did not disappoint. Breaking down the tractor continued tonight and the hand sanding has commenced. I am very proud of the kids for their patience and persistence. They are understanding that this will be a long, but rewarding chore. Hope you enjoy some of the photos from tonight!
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    RATS! My vast football knowledge says I gotta agree with the "Big Guy!" Tecky's, Northern Tecky's Go Go Gophers and BAD gers The Rabbit in the Woods Dwelling in the Cellar since 1959, Squonk
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    Actually, a 1056 is a long frame tractor.
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    That is always good stuff, the WWII birds were all just so classic, their lines, the way they sounded, the history behind them. How can you not love them if for no other reason than the history behind them! My uncle piloted a B-17 with the 8th Air Force. I did not know it until recently but supposedly he was checked out to fly not only the Fortress, but the B-24 and the B-29 as well? That surprised me as I would have just figured they would only have been cleared to fly one type of plane and not multiple types. BTW: I do not know if this is true or not, but according to my dad (85 yo) he says that the B-17's in operation today do not sound as those during the war because the engines in those remaining are not the same as what they originally had. As I said, I am no expert and for all I know pop is wrong, but for what it's worth that is what my old man says.
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    Spindles, spindles, spindels,,,, Anyone ever have a Gravely walkbehind and the 40" 2 blade commercial deck? Ever look at the steel manufactured spindles housings, they amount to a piece of pipe and a flat plate welded together and the pipe bored to accept bearings, nothing complicated, no castings, easy to make for anyone with the skills and tooling to do so.
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    Your before pics bring to mind the Kenny Rodgers song "The Gambler". Aparently you have decided to hold, I think I would have folded. Good job and remember we do what we do for the fun of it.
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    i know and i have the rear tiller finish mower and brush hog and now a loader to put on it maybe i should just sell other stuff and keep both tractors
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    LeRoy VanDyke -- A name out of the past -- A resident of my home town area of Sedalia, MO -- I believe he is still there -- Drove by his place (I think) several years ago -- A LARGE, fenced estate 10-15 miles further out of town from my father's farm
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    As long as there isn't any green showing. The throttle and ckoke cable hookup points may have to be relocated. Nothing major though. Not a bad idea to kill a Deere to save a Horse.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fctlEq_z0rQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_GchifNRh0
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    Did you know that SnowCo also made snowmobile trailers that were re-badged and given Wheel Horse model numbers? The greenish regular SnowCo was available both before and after as an Allied attachment, but for at least 1970 Wheel Horse had these snowmobile specific trailers. There were two available. The single place trailer was model 9-0501 (SnowCo model 637) The two-place was model 9-0511 (SnowCo model 863) This image is from the 1970 Snowmobile Accessories Brochure Very few are known to exist among collectors. There are a few of the single place, and mine is the only two-place that I know of. Here's a few more pictures. These are before / afters of the same trailer as it's changed hands. This was an NOS deck and tongue that had been purchased at a dealer auction and built using available axle parts. Somewhere I have pictures of these decals to send to Terry, gotta remember to look for those. This is my two-place trailer.
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