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    There are plenty of people who have done this out in the world wide web. This link will help you find some.-----> http://bit.ly/1d8OM1K Steve... I'll be waiting for a middle finger and look of disgust in Jacksonville!
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    The dates for the show and swap this fall will be Sept. 20 and 21st.
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    I'm always envious of yall that live in the midwest and towards the east when it comes to used WH stuff, not of the winter weather, that's for sure. BUT when I see these WH's for sale or parts available, they are invariably way, way up north.... Are there any folks out there from down here? This is my daily driver: the coffee can is my drink holder - held on my an old speaker magnet, as well as my machete. The bucket is hanging of of my seat cover....
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    hope you have a great birthday today!!!!!! 62 eh?
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    Hey guys, My brother started working at a small engine repair shop last year, (way cool). A mom and pop place that used to be a WH dealer. Anyway he took me for a tour thru the shop area, and I noticed a few signs tucked away in the corner. Couldn't help but thumb thru in an off chance there'd be gold in there. Well...there was. He could tell that I wanted it pretty bad, (cartwheels might have gave it away). He introduced me to the owner, and I made him a kind offer. He told me he'd think about it. I assured him it'd be hanging in my garage in a very nicely kept place, and not for resale. Well I left without the sign. A couple of months later, my brother gave the sign to me for my 40th birthday. Said he got it for $50. I told him he stole it. I had my little helper with me to clean it up just a little, put in a new ballast, chord, bulb, and hung it up. I tied it into a motion sensor so whenever you're in the garage, she turns on. Look pretty nice to me. It's not perfect, but that's what makes it perfect. Still has some grease stains, etc, and a couple of cracks. I'm digging it. Let me know what you all think.
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    very cool initiative, i wish i had something like that when i was younger, we only had old electronics and a few hammers to smash em up. keep us updated
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I ordered another S/G that turns CW. Now, I have to return the wrong one I got from Pete's Small Engine. It's a shame that their product cross reference is wrong. Caveat Emptor.
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    Excellent link Jason! I have plenty of uses for that one! thanks!
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    That is quite a herd you have there, you and your shool's principal are to be congratulated for taking on this project. Looking forward to ongoing coverage of the club. Keep us in mind when you need support.
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    The thing about the coffee can is that it will hold a 12oz Silver Bullet just as well as an aluminum pint, or if I'm real thirsty: a nice 40....
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    both kohler motors turn the same way Steve (cub/wheelhorse) one uses the pto side for starting and the other uses the flywheel side that why there's cw/ccw and the need for different SG's for both brands Brian
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    Picked up a GoPro this past week and tried it out at the pull on Sunday. Had it mounted on my helmet but going to try other locations on the tractor at the next pull. Here is the video I uploaded to YouTube. It really cut down on the quality on the upload, the video is awesome straight off the memory card. http://youtu.be/UMA0XjE2kc0 Let me know if the link doesn't work
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    other options would be like i do, a family friend of ours regularly ships seacontainers full with tractors and stuff from the states to here(netherlands), almost all the small parts we order in the states get send to the guy that loads the container and all the small parts are just "thrown" in there. koen
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    Looks great...love the motion sensor idea too. Gives it it's own life...always happy to see you.
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    Steve, you have to put different field coils in it to make it turn the other direction. Any starter repair shop could do that for you.
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    Just checked my valves, nether of my intake valves close all the way. Guess it was a good thing I pulled the heads
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    This guy has been around since the late 70's...Stray Cats....rockabilly...swing...time and a place for all styles of music: most of the time in my barn with a fridge full of beer!!
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    I dont know what I do is called I call em a Refresh and Rebuild mostly because how can I do a restoration when I cant even get the exact paint Wheel Horse used which incidentally in the early years of the Round Hoods came from Niles Chemical Paint here in my Hometown (still in buisness here today) I have an old 78 year old friend of mine who is retired and worked in the coatings lab and was involved in mixing the paint. I was a stern believer of using Automotive Type paint Like Dupont or PPG but the past two tractors I spruced up 417A and the 520 Snow Chucker were done with 100% Valspar. Like Kevin, I have done some modifications along the way that I feel Improved the tractor. The way I feel about it with the condition I get most of my Tractors in. Anything I do to them is an Improvement. The main thing is like has been said already is, Just Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself. Cheers ~Duke
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