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    Didn't know diamond plate was invented that long ago..... :)
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    Here's some fall shots of my b80 and my dad's rj. ~Jake
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    I've been a Packer fan for 46 years. I only eat cheese on pizza. Never been to Wisc. Married local. I was inspired at a young age by Lombardi. He reminded me of my grandfather and the nuns at school. "YOU DON'T DO THINGS RIGHT ONCE IN A WHILE! YOU DO THEM RIGHT ALL THE TIME! I can only wish the current team could go by this.
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    I recently acquired this from the original owner's son. It had benn sitting in a garage for 15 years. Came with all original literature and has hydraulic lift. Took 15 minutes to get it running. Runs like a top.
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    Well I finally managed to coordinate the the exchange of tractor and $$ with Charlie (charliesd250) last weekend We made a big circle around southeast PA Saturday morning, stopping at Charlie's and then heading to Steam-O-Rama in Windsor, PA So in Charlie's honor, here are a few pictures of the finished product (for now ) Fortunately Charlie put a wheelie bar on it so I don't break my neck Simple, but functional Great job Charlie, thanks The freakin thing is awesome . . sounds just like a Harley! By the way, great to see Mr. & Mrs. Buckrancher, rmaynard, Redbird and Steve and bigrking!
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    Without chains, you are just a fat lady on ice skates. No traction, no action!
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    Hey I have seen that same picture in my rear view mirror too! Many, many times over the years. The first time I thought some nut on a WH was tail gating me! LOL! Looks like a very nice haul for you, nice deck too! Way to go! KJ
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    No, but I saw that it was still on there. I bought this in Michigan. It's a 1995 with 48" deck. Had 398 on the hour meter when I picked it up. Congrats! Though that is a good ride!
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    Was this the one on Harrisburg craigslist for $1100? I was looking at that one myself but passed because I don't need to buy anything, but that desire for more just keeps on burning. lol
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    Snow plow.....Joe's outdoor power on epay had one. think the list ran out, but might call. Made for GT 14 specific, they are diff than other models. I would like it, but short cash now. Was $199 buy it now or make offer when listed. Not too bad for shape it was in and is bigger at 54" wide. Mine just has a standard pepper shaker generic muffler on it and seems fine. Gonna be a stack some time. Like the rear sticker "Whee Horse", ha!
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    The Cleveland Browns have the unique ability to make a guy wish he'd been born in any other state in the U.S.
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    On my 161 there were 2 holes to mount the muffler support to on the engine cradle. Try using the hole closer to the center of the cradle. This will move the muffler over a little bit more and should help with your heat problem.
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    AWE-some, simple AWE-some. Work of art. Hollywood could use that in their next movie.
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    First is (2) 1955 RS83, second is a 1967 857, third is 1946 Pond lever steer
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    Well Guys,Our winters are a lot milder than a lot of you have. During the last week I finished stacking our three cords of hardwood. Yesterday I climbed up on our roof and ran the wire bristled brush and cleaned out the flu or stack. Now we are ready to fire up the Fisher Papa Bear and it wont be long as most of the time we have our first fire by Oct. 18th. O and I changed my seat cushion on the tractor from the summer to the winter one. Now to buy some Kero for the garage heater. Regards, Jim
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    Here is some more pictures for consideration........ "Lady Ranger" 1968 Commando 8 1045 and 4 Wheeled Wagon
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    The GT is looking great Lynn. :thumbs:
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    Just finished this a while back and maybe we'll get enough snow to use it this winter.
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    This is one of my favorits songs. i have been on concert whit him.. and it is amazing.... he played this song lasy year when i was at a concert whit him.. it is to norway.. we lost a lot of kids on utøya because of one crazy man..
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    Even Country? I'm not into this new Country Music where it seems everyone thinks you can toss a cowboy hat on yer head and call yerself a Country singer. Its Waylon or Cash for me. Old rock rocks, the Allman Brothers are pretty tough to beat when working on tractors in the shop. Click the link for one of the best tunes ever.
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