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  • kohler 301 balance gear clip

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    Hi all. I am rebuilding kohler 301 engine. I need to replace two snap rings that hold the balance gears in place. These are not avaliable through kohler. Mine are worn and not worth reinstalling.

    I need two to finish the job.

    thanks for your help.


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    I’ve rebuilt k series engines for 40 years and I don’t recommend you installing the balance gears, especially in a 12 hp. When they go, and they will, it’s like a Grenade tossed into a tank. 

    You will never notice the difference in vibration. 

    Just my two cents after Rebuilding several hundred of these engines. 

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    If you pull them remember you have two washers, spacer and the bearing per stud.

    you don’t want to leave one in by mistake.


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    Also I forgot to mention. The aforementioned gears must be set and timed properly with the crank. Kohler made a special tool for it but it can be done by hand. It has to be done perfectly without getting one tooth placement off. 


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