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  • Very original 855.

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      Price: $435
      Location: Hermann, Mo
      Contact: Message me if interested or need more information.

    I purchased this at a local sale because it was in such unmolested condition. It has a slight fuel leak on the bottom of the tank but they did allow me to put a battery in it and a little bit of fuel so that I could start it and make sure everything operated properly. It started and was smoke-free and purred like a kitten. The fluids all look good. Even the transmission boot, while old, was still intact. I have another boot and I’m throwing it in on the sale. I probably paid too much for it but I’m trying to recoup the $435 I spent on it. The only modification I can really see is that the battery retainer looks to have been replaced and it looks to me like they put a new key switch in it. I’m sure it also has a new seat cover. I’m not an expert though so there may be other things. The front tires are the Wheel Horse tires and they hold air and are in really good condition. The rear tires are Goodyear and look to have been replaced at some point. The mower deck operates as it should and everything is free in the lift and rear hitch mechanism.  Send me a message if you would like additional information of any kind.33C4D644-A313-48F0-8DD2-02D6B0F7D7D1.jpeg.2dd998172deb7559230f9f119cabd5c6.jpeg76112558-773A-4053-88F1-7FC98DA79864.jpeg.9fc48692bd48860db52a2e775e6f11b9.jpegF81A020D-5A67-4A94-A571-86C2EB5C60D7.jpeg.9b518e1a4b6be1446a4118b5772d57c0.jpegB35704A2-F351-413F-9E15-7EEED58714D5.jpeg.c406d46cfce171d9d92c1ee7eba0c757.jpegD3F42E92-25D2-4861-9582-FB312F5CA63E.jpeg.68c75a534783ccb1b3cd346e417861c5.jpegBF863EC0-ED8D-4D13-93C6-20FED076CB8D.jpeg.fc2bab40f5e00e50818aab40b0073b21.jpegF6CBD637-32B9-4C58-978B-A4E2272CF34C.jpeg.779993da7d5bcab8969a83d0f7b718b2.jpeg9AE03602-764F-4685-9DBE-D8B260BB4F51.jpeg.500ffd7fd0ec0b1ba09f1efb5fc55af7.jpeg363E53C3-97C7-438E-8431-FE056ABCE37C.jpeg.ab7a5ed0a126fa44f9a450bedfcec2ca.jpeg2898B705-1736-4809-8FAE-7767A5DC85A5.jpeg.f7f1763b7c46a220022a8776c447ec5e.jpeg

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    5 hours ago, Swooped up said:

    Is it a 67 by any chance?

    855 is 65

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