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  • 520-8 1990 project

    • Closed
      Price: $400
      Location: Claremont Nc
      Contact: 8284597996 jwalk2c@charter.net

    Wheel Horse  1990 520-8

    41-200801   0624

    S/n 10860

    Engine F? 25GI 710956C 1st 2 &5? G may be C ,I maybe 1

    Eng.s/n  L893628975

    Eng.P/N 116610

    I purchased 3 or 4 years ago, because it ran well (for the short period I operated through the gears in sellers yard), engine and diff oil was clean, and rarity of machine. And other good news when I removed air filter it was clean and is in the pictures.


    Immediately after purchase I begin to tear down and inspect and start restoration, but like many projects this one stalled and I lost interest. Below is to the best of my memory what I found during inspection and why I have now decided to sell.


    Wiring harness connector (the white one in picture that is prone to failure, had failed and one or more of the wires has been rerouted). Also another green wire going to instrument cluster is damaged.


    Left upper riser seat frame area cracked missing metal, will need metal fab.


    Rear tires do not match.


    One rear wheel is rusty and obviously is not the original.


    One front tire not original


    Hood needs sheet metal repair (not that bad)


    Battery missing now.


    Seat obviously shot.


    When I disassembled I put most of the fasteners back in their original location, and the others are in a baggy.

    I have keep the carb and other inlet tube covered.

    I looked underneath and I do not think it has reduction steering. I am not familiar with reduction steering only read it mentioned in threads on this forum, but steering looks identical (at least what I can see at front end) as other Wheel Horse.

    The reason I am selling is I recently lost my job, and since this project stalled years ago, (when I found how complicated the wiring is, plus the fact my interest in restoration are mainly the C series Wheel Horse), I have now decided to sell.


    This is a somewhat rare machine and could be restored.


    If you are interested in trying to start it, please know you will have to have the knowledge to put some of the wiring back together. I have a copy of the wiring diagram that goes with it, but I do not have any interest at the moment in working on anything.

    Thank You

    John Walker

    3263 Mull Creek Lane

    Claremont NC 28610

    828 459 7996



























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    Can I buy the stainless muffler guard from you?


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