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  • Kohler Rebuilding

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      Price: 200
      Location: Richmond, Va

    I will rebuild your K91, K141, K161, K181, K241, K301, K321 and K341 cast iron kohler engine for 200.00 plus parts and machine work if required. In most cases cylinder will be bored, crank will be ground, valve seats ground or reconditioned. New piston, new rings, new rod, valves new or reconditioned, all new seals and gaskets. Entire engine brought back to factory spec. I no longer do performance/pulling engines. 
    If your old Kohler is knocking or smoking it's most likely time for a rebuild before it locks up on you. Once rebuilt, and properly maintained, it will give you another 30-40 years of service. 
    I don't cut corners, I take my time and get it right. 40 plus years of working on and rebuilding k series engines.

    PM me for details or questions. 

    I currently have a k341 and k321 that are done and on the shelf ready to be installed. 

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    29 minutes ago, UncleJerm76 said:

    Shipping from 33803 FL. I have a k161 that’s smoking but I still use it


    It depends on what you send me. If you send me the engine fully dressed with the carb, flywheel, starter etc...., then it will be more then undressed so there is know way for me to determine shipping cost. I suggest you decide what you want to send, get a box capable of supporting the engine and go to your shipper of preference and get an estimate. 

    PM me for any additional information. 

    All the best. 

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    I have a 7hp. And a 12hp. Coming with luck summer. I have ,2 old ones to finish. Thanks and and I'll be getting ahold of you  Tim

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    Yes that can be done but the crank would have to be replaced with a k301 crank.

    If you are looking to up grade your tractor let me know I’m going to part the c160 and that has a great running engine. 

    You will end up paying less and get a 2-4 extra hp.

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    I have a C120 with a broken connecting rod.  Not sure what motor it has, how can I tell.  Could I swap mine for one you have rebuilt.  If so what would the cost be?



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