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    C-161 + Deck + Disc + Dozer Blade + Plow For Sale

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      Price: $1,000
      Location: New Salisbury, Indiana
      Contact: feltennova@hotmail.com

    First thing first, I apologize for joining just to sell my Wheel Horse.  I've poked around on here in the past looking for information.  I'm a member of an off-road club and we hate it when people join our site just to peddle things, so I get it.  But those people are selling snake oils and potions.  I'm trying to reach an audience of people that appreciate and love Wheel Horse tractors.


    I've finally decided to try to find a new home for my Wheel Horse C-161 Twin Automatic.  I love this little tractor, but I no longer have a use for it anymore.  I'm sure someone else would greatly appreciate it.


    1979 Wheel Horse C-161, Briggs & Stratton 16HP opposed twin, hyrdostatic transmission.  Back around 2006 or so it spun a rod.  In 2008 I rebuilt the engine, bored it 40 over, used new B&S rods and pistons, rings, seals.  Also switched to a B&S electronic ignition in place of the original points.  After that it was on point for weekly lawn mowing duty.  Ran it that way for about seven years or so.  My point is the engine is sound and runs strong.  If you are good with these carburetors, you can likely tune it to be a little more fuel efficient.


    Side discharge mower deck, 42" IIRC.  I was going to rebuild the mower deck, bought brand new spindle housings (three spindles cost me $80x3=$240), then lost interest.  All the parts are there, needs to be put back together; suggest new bearings and seals naturally.  A set of blades too.


    Still riding on the original 1979 Carlisle Turf Saver tires.  I have tubes in a couple of them.  No wheel weights.  Side walls show their age, but still hold air.


    When we bought our first house (2005), the wife was dropping things off at Good Will and came across this Wheel Horse.  With it came the mower deck, a red dozer blade (might be a Wheel Horse piece), a disc and plow both of which I know are NOT made by Wheel Horse.  The blade left-and-right tilt is manual, no lever/handle.


    It was retired from mowing duties about four summers back; bought a good, used Cub from a friend, dedicated mowing machine.  That's when I disassembled the WH mower deck.  After that it was used occasionally to pull a small trailer around the pasture.  Over the years, I've used it less and less; I don't think I even started it this past summer.  It will start, I'm confident of that.  I'll get out to the garage and get it fired up.  It will need a battery.


    None of the lights work.  I always meant to repair them, but never did.  Wiring is there, so might just need to be tidied up.  I did purchase a new headlight lens via A-mazon a few years back, of course that goes with it.


    I can't think of anything else.  Just want to stress that deciding to sell my Wheel Horse has been a tough one to make.  I really like this little tractor and hate to part with it.  With that said, don't offer me $100 or tell me you are going to build it into a competition pulling tractor or such.  If you buy it, once you have it off my property you legally do whatever you want with it, but ideally I'd find someone that collects these and can really appreciate it for what it is, maybe polish her up, not take it apart or molest it.


    I have a good number of pics that I took a couple years back.  Other than a coat of dust from sitting, she hasn't changed at all since the pics where taken.  I have all the pictures in a G-oogle share folder.  Reading the rules for posting in the classifieds, I don't think I can post the link for the share folder here.  If you know otherwise, let me know and I'll post the link to the pictures in this ad.


    Let me know if you have questions.  I'll do my best to answer them.





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    Very nice write up. If i wanted anything near your ask price, i would have the deck up and working and looking good . paint the underside of the deck with this stuff. Put that c up against a big box store mower at the same price, and she wins every time.


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    Does anybody know if the opposed twin Briggs powered C-series tractors are less common than the single cylinder C-series?


    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

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    If you wanted to sell just the deck, or blade, or both please let me know. I have a c-160 and I'm looking for attachments.

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