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  • 420 LSE for sale

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      Price: $2,999 OBO
      Location: Newcomerstown, Oh
      Contact: Jeff, jeff_jurin@hotmail.com, 410-279-8030

    This is # 37 see tractor and engine tag photo, 2024405852_serialnumberstractorandengine.JPG.238aa01ea640b04bd2ce6a022419eed3.JPGWe are the second owner.  Original owner passed and daughter sold to us.  We know of no modifications.  It's original. We purchased July 2020. We love this machine!  Only known issue is gas gauge doesn't work.  We have some paperwork.  Maybe able to get more from deal who is still in business.  We are selling because just not enough room in shed and garage for it and all attachments.  As you can see from manufacturer label the production number can not be read.  Included in price is; tractor, mower deck, vacuum bagging attachment, snow blower (this blower is GREAT), 2 lawn airators (1 spike,1 punch hole), 1 tow behind spring rake, extra mower blades, extra belts, a trailer hitch, tractor lift, a few extra wheels and tires but honestly I don't think they go with this tractor, if you want them.  As you can see the leather seat has some wear to be expected for 1234.2 hours but the hinges, cushion adjustment work fine.  This tractor and attachments are truly as clean as they look.  

    tractor 1.jpg

    tractor 3.jpg

    mower deck.jpg

    production plate.jpg

    production sticker.jpg

    hour usage.jpg

    dealer sticker.jpg

    engine 2.jpg

    engine 3.jpg

    tractor lift.jpg


    punch hole airator.jpg

    spike airator.jpg

    snow blower.jpg


    trailer hitch.jpg


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    Changed Price to $2,999 OBO

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    This snow blower did an awesome job on multiple heavy snows this winter. I'll be pulling off snow blower and attaching the 48 mower deck shortly preparing for summer. 

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