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8  Cards so far. I will not post any of the reverse sides of the support cards for privacy reasons.

These cards are for the support members only to share or trade with anyone they desire.

They are free to all support members who request them between now and May 31st 2018

If you are a support member who can not make the show but wish to be included in this series of trading cards

please contact me with your picture and info. All cards will go into production The first week of June.

For those who can not make the show I will mail your cards to you if you cover the cost of packaging and shipping.

about $5 depending on the weight.

 Again I want to assure everyone that these cards are not for sale or to be sold only to be shared with other members who

wish to build a complete set. None of the personal info you supply for the back will ever

be shared or posted on this or any other web site.

The 2 examples posted with permission of AMC Rules and myself are for example.




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On 2/24/2018 at 8:33 PM, Vinylguy said:


There we go! Word is travelling fast! I even hob-knobbed with a Buffalo celebrity yesterday! animated-smileys-sport-030.gif.8762e1d40072d8ff776d2b140c1e1e0f.gif



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Trading card #9  Racinbob added


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