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K341 16 hp torque

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Anybody know the max torque output of these engines.  Want to compare to 16 hp Carroll Stream and 22 hp predator.....tx

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I know the K341(16hp) peak torque is 28.25ft lbs. @2600rpm with max. brake hp 16@3500rpm torque is 23.5ft. lbs.

And according to the Harborfreight site the Predator 22hp has 45 NM or 33.19 ft. lbs. at 2500 rpm.


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Yeah - it takes a much larger engine to produce enough torque to match the larger K series cast iron line - plus , their rotational weight is what helps them stay at their pulling rpm range . It's tough to knock one off it's power band without destroying belts/clutches downstream of that torque monster . If you like the specs of the K-341 - check out the even heavier built K-482/532/662 , 48/53/66 cu/in twin opposed design . Those are the real torque monsters.  The larger twin K series are known to destroy belts and clutches easily if the implement is overloaded .


One thing to note - older engines like these were pretty underrated in comparison to the newer ones available with the exception of a diesel . Even a 22hp Predator , 21-23hp Briggs Vanguard will not pull like a Kohler - large bore/stroke single cylinders engines are a real treat to operate . Find a running condition K-361 18hp overhead valve - they are a work of art and will bury any modern v-twin in performance . I have seen only one of them , and that guy isn't going to turn loose of it any time soon . The overhead valve design made a huge difference in torque and response to an already powerful engine - once the vent issue is addressed they are amazing .



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