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416-8 finally here are pic's

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:text-coolphotos:           Seems like a good buy.  Here is the manual with wiring diagrams. (hope I guessed right on the year)




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You did well and that model midmount is in high demand.Luck,JAinVA

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By the looks of the guard on the deck, it had a bagger on it at one point.


Does the original owner happen to have that as well ?

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Hi Cleat,  unfortunately the bagger was not around any longer. However, the rear axle brackets for the dozer and grader was there and they are in great shape. 

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    • By Mikezephr73
      For sale wheelhorse model 416-8. This also has the mulcher attached to the back of the mower with its own motor. This has the kohler 16 hp motor and the high and low speed transmission. I also have the original owners manual with it. I bought it from the guy that bought it new. It starts and runs excellent.my selling price is $1,500. Must be picked up by buyer.
    • By chemist
      This is the tractor~1989 416-8 I grew up with so I want to get her back up and running.  I am not getting any juice, nothing lights on the dash and the voltage meter on dash.  
      The battery is fully charged, I changed the fuses and relay, the ground cable is clean.
      I know last time someone tried to start they cranked for a long time and likely burned something out.... any ideas?
    • By drewd
      The 416-8 I picked up a few months ago takes the larger diameter wheel bearings in the front wheels. The parts list show two bearing options depending on the rims you have.  Mine unfortunately take the 107124 bearing that I can only find as new/old stock for $55.00+ each or $230 for 4 with shipping.  Has anyone found other bearings that can be used in these rims? 
    • By drewd
      I'm working on the 416-8 I picked up a few weeks ago.  I need to replace the front tires so went to pull the rims.  One rim came right off as it should but the other will not budge.  I have removed the grease fitting and been filling it with WD40 for several days.  I have WD40 coming out through the bearing pretty well now.  I found a piece of tubing that fit over the axle perfectly and with a piece of wood over it pounded on it a bit hoping to break it loose but it just doesn't budge. The wheel that is frozen to the axle does hold air.  My next thought was to repair the other tire and just put the cotter pin to give some room on the frozen one and drive it around a bit in hopes that it will free itself once warmed up some with to pressure of turning, etc.        Any ideas on getting this thing off??  Thanks!!