Hi   A word of advise offered, and a bit of info wanted please.   Today while mowing with my C-120, it suddenly gave a rather loud pop, not quite like a shotgun, but close to it. I saw parts flying off the tractor. I stopped, listened, and could not hear anything wrong with the engine.  Looked closer and i saw the top af the battery was blown right off. Newer seen that before! So I stopped the engine and rinsed the tractor down with water. Luckily I dit not get sprayed. So I found another battery, started it up, and checked the charging. 15.8V. Well that explained it, so now I know the voltage regulator is not good. So my warning to you all is, if your battery is out in the open, check if it over charges. I can't help thinking, what if my kids had been next to it....................   So aside with the melodrama, and here goes the question. A voltage regulator for a C-120 is next to impossible to find her, so would I be able to source one from any old tractor. Briggs powered or what not? Or do I have to ground the horse till I can find a spare in the US?