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    • By Waytofast
       All three come with mowing decks and good running k91 motors they probably need a good carburetor cleaning am asking $1950  Price is firm and for any questions please just text me anytime and please don't ask for 1000 pictures your best bet is just to come and check them out  I don't really want to separate them Rather keep them together  but I guess if  The price is right and you can take one  

    • By greentruck
      we have a wheel horse rj58 riding tractor and mower deck, we purchased this unit 10 yrs ago from the estate it was purchased from new text us a phone if your interested in knowing more

    • By john7
      I suppose I should have started this back when I began restoring this plow but better late than never right? It's pretty much completed now except for the decals that I am still looking for... so technically it's still a work in progress. 
      Anyhow, I picked up the HD-42 plow with an RJ mount back in mid January with great help from @OILUJ52. 
      Here's what I started with:

      It had all the essential parts; blade, front channel, rj mount, lift bar, and foot pedal (no chain, though). The only things missing were the 2 skids. Everything was in decent condition with some light to mild pitting vertically along the left edge of the blade face. The "front channel", as it's termed in the parts list, came mounted on an A-frame with 4 bolts, and the piece that attaches to the lift bar had been removed from it to accommodate the A-frame setup. All easy fixes! 
      First things first, I made a new piece for the lift bar to attach to on the front channel, welded that on, and welded the 4 bolt holes up on both sides.

      Next, I made up some skids.

      I didn't snap a picture of the pitting on the left edge of the blade but I ran side by side beads the entire height of the blade about 2 inches wide - must have blown through 10 rods to do it. I filled in any other digs and gouges with welds. Being a plow, I didn't want body filler anywhere close to the blade. I did, however, use a small amount to fill in a couple of scratches on the topside of the front channel. 
      I made one modification that was not original. There are 2 pieces of angle iron that are bent to fit the curvature of the blade and mounted to the backside of the blade on each outside edge. These were originally plug welded to the blade leaving a gap between the 2 on the outside edge - a perfect place for water to get trapped and promote corrosion. So I welded those up on both sides. It makes the edges look much better too!
      And I just realized that I didn't snap any pics of everything down to bare metal or after body work either. But, here's everything after all my fixes and shot with a second coat of primer.

      I'm having some trouble attaching the after paint pics. Will post when I figure it out.
    • By Texas Todd
      Looking for an RJ58 plunger rod P/N 3468 or a good picture with dimensions to make one. May need the guide and spring, not sure what I am looking for with the guide. Parts pic and parts list as well as the tractor pictured below


    • By Camarokid
      Hello red square new member here, I would like to share my very first tractor with you all. A 1958 rj58 that I picked up the other day. This past Friday I left work a half hour early to make it to the bank to only travel 10 mins down the road from my job to purchase a rj. So I took it home and enjoyed my weekend staring at it! Can't play yet with it... Have some searching and work to do XD