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1965 655

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i just joined the forum today. have owned my 1965 wheelhorse 655 for a few years. thought you might enjoy it also.

this is what it looked like when i 1st picked it up.




after shortening up the exhaust, and loosing the reflectors, the kids in the neighborhood werent as scared of it anymore. lol.





i live in the city, so use a push mower to mow with. but have a pretty long driveway. so thats what i use the mower for. i also have the original Snow blower attachment also. but prefer the plow cause its more fun! the motor is not original. i believe originally it had a cast iron bohlens, or a cast iron kohler. but now it has a early to mid 90's brigg's.

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I just got this in a trade through the classified section--thanks for your help.  I applied new decals and did some basic clean up.  It runs fine.  It is a mutt though--paint is not original, seat is a Cub Cadet, motor has red paint over white (so may not be original motor, dunno), rear tires seem too big to be original, but say "Wheel Horse" on them, and mower deck is an RM-117 which may be for a Lawn Ranger, among other things.  But despite all that, I still like it a lot and am enjoying it.




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