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Restored RMR-32

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    • By kfx400
      I'm looking for an RJ-58 transmission mushroom gear and bull gear matching set OR either an 11 tooth mushroom gear or and old style bull gear. I have an 8 tooth and a newer style bullgear now. also a left side tranny cover for an RJ-58. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
    • By kfx400
      Check it out!  I found this RJ today as a lawn ornament. I knocked on the door and the guy ended up selling it to me for $200 with a plow and mower deck in awesome shape and all the manuals and receipts and even spare parts! I couldn't believe it. Hood has been repaired but its not destroyed, no muffler guard (typical), but its the original engine, belt guard, serial # sticker. Attachments are in remarkable shape compared to what I've seen. The skid shoes on the plow aren't even worn. Heres a couple pics, Ill take more tomorrow.

    • By PantherDustin
      Hi I am a first time Wheel Horse owner. It has the front plow and the AC-6 cultivator attachments. My guess is that it was the recipient of a DIY restoration in the late 1990's but not certain, based on the darker red, B&S engine and newer tires. Runs and drives perfect, everything works awesome.
      I need a trailer for it if anyone wants the cultivator.