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Hydraulic System

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Has anyone ever made their own hydraulic 3 point/front loader systems? I would really like to put one on my 414-8 but don't want to jump into anything without any knowledge. By the way I am new here and just now learning how the site works. Thanks and God Bless.

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Welcome to Red Square. I think it would take some very serious engineering and fabrication skills to complete this kind of project. Even with the tools and skills, many hours of time would be required. It might be cheaper to locate one for sale. Building a loader requires knowledge of fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, and welding. the cost of the steel to build the arms, support and bucket will pale in comparison to the cost of connections, hoses, pump, and valve. However if you feel you possess the skill and desire, I bet there are those on the forum that can help you.

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:WRS: As tractorhogg stated. Others have done it.

Good luck.

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Several folks have built their own...do a search on here to see what all has been done.

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      About 30+ years ago my dad who is now 80 was working in a sheet metal (HACV) factory and decided to make himself a rear clevis hitch mounted scraper blade for his CC 1200 to repair our 1/4 mile long driveway after winter and rain storms, so with an old pair of cast iron plow shares he got his radius to break a piece of 12? gauge steel for the moldboard approx 6" tall by 48" long with 1/4"x2.5" flat bar for the wear edge (that was later upgraded to a car leaf spring), he also bent a piece of 3/16" into a "U" for the swivel mount to the moldboard then a 3/8"x2.25" flat bar for the lift/pull/swivel arm, finished off with the clevis to attach which he also drilled to be able to tilt for pulling side ditches, long story shortened, it worked very well for many years with my body being extra weight when necessary, after I moved out to find my own way he added brackets for extra weight, fast forward to the past few winters it sat outside the shed where he accidentally ran it over in the snow with my Kioti, so the last couple months I've been in the process of fixing it for him/myself and here's a few shots of the broken to fab to final (hopefully a bit better and easier to angle plus turn for pushing version) waiting on paint stages that I just finished up today... Father's Day, Jeff.

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      Any one seen anything like this before???
      Its a dual port I believe, which would make it 1600cc?
      Quirky for sure. Never heard it run.
      Have to wonder if there's enough air movement to keep the thing cooled.
      No shroud or fan........doubtful, IMO.

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      Custom made one of a kind front weight hanger/ bumper, engraved for the 520H ,selling as shown sandblasted in the raw ready for your choice of paint/powder coat ,with attach-a-matic hitch rod and spacers to align to frame, will accommodate 3 43# cast iron suitcase weights very heavy duty in construction all 1/2" thick cold rolled steel TIG weld on front seams as well as bolted and MIG welded from behind, Weights NOT included shown to illustrate how this works on these tractors. 

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      I'm new sorry but anybody like dual military engine horses ?

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      Who has a customized/built 'worker' dump cart to show off?
      I'm hoping if I see some others, I will be get some ideas for my own.
      I have an old steel dump cart.... it was "custom" made (Frankenstein-ish from many parts)  approx 40+ yrs ago, and my dad used it with his old gravely.. later with our 310-8, then later with my ZTR.... May have started life as a Gravely item, IDK.
      It is just a square cart, approx 3' x 5', x 1' deep... with 1 1/2" square pocket stake pockets in the corners, and a top hinged removable tailgate, 4.80x8 tires.
      I'll try to add a pic later.
      I want to restore it to some degree, still gonna be a worker.  Want to clean up the rust, paint it WH red, new tires.
      I will create a removable front and sides that can insert into the stake pockets to increase the capacity for things like leaves and firewood.
      I'm thinking of PT decking for the side rails.
      Maybe a spray-in liner material for the inside?
      My goal is workable, durable, and decent looking!