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1967 857

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    • By pullstart
      Pics say it all... videos coming soon!


    • By Fun Engineer
      Replated zinc height adjustment rod #2179 and restored (polished) knob #5280. Will not separate. See picture for condition. Shipping to US only. 

    • By WHX20
      So it's about 7 PM Sunday and I get a text from Tom @Shynon about a real local tractor that appears to be a good deal. I quick call the seller within minutes and he says sorry a guy's on his way to get it. Already sold ...dang it story of my CL scores. So I have my main man @Rp.wh call the guy to see if the seller on the up & up and even offer a little more than asking. I know I know kind of dirty trick but the answer the seller gives can give you an idea about the seller's sincerity. So the seller says sorry I already promised it to another guy and I'm a man of my word. Good Man,   By the way this was on CL for just 7 hrs and sold.
      So In my remorse and to console myself I commenced to playin pawn stars with Tom for a mid mount blade he has, pawn stars got nothing on Tom when it comes to dickering by the way... I would have end up payin more than he was askin!
      Make a long story short here turn's out Tom knows the buyer (I should have too since he's local) and was just lookin to flip the tractor. So Tom forwards my number to the buyer who calls me almost immediately with his flip price and I says deal.  Flipper, who shall remain anonymous at this point, because of the GT-14 with a FEL he has a line on ,  says "What's your address I'll  be there in a half hour." At this point I'm crappin twinkies and gotta pinch myself.....cannot believe how fast this all happened all within a half hour, 45 tops. So I says to Tom you know this negates the sale of that blade, you'll see why in the pics, & he says oh well!
      So this guy pulls into my drive about 9 pm with this trailer load of red and a cool little Ford I wouldn't have mined havin! Turns out the seller is a real nice guy, and his side kick was a retired Navy man so we could shot the bull for hours! Flpper has a WW II museum in Portage, WI and flips tractors of any brand, but is partial to Case's, to fund his other hobby. Made some friends,  gave him a hot tip on a nice vintage Cub and he left around 1030.
      So here you go enjoy

      Seller askin 600, I paid 650 plus an extra Jackson for the guy's veteran efforts. I have no idea how this flipper makes anything doing this with the load he was hauling and the distance he covered hence the extra Jackson.  This thing is in real fine shape...ALL orginal AND best yet unmolested! Purrs like a kitten and started right up even wet and cold!
      How often does a guy deliver!?!? Easiest score of mine to date that's for sure!
      Oh yes and came with a real nice gear drive deck that is in really nice shape!
      TIres are all OEM with the  mold and no checking at all can you believe it!
      Thus grows my herd of '67s   all I need now is a 1077, a 1277 and a !
      There is just something about looking down that long hood but this is my first short frame square hood and now I get it about all the hoopla over these short frames!
    • By VinsRJ
      I am looking for a good clutch idler pulley for a 857 or equivalent, if you have one that you would like to sell please PM or email me.
      Thank you, Vin

    • By VinsRJ
      As many of you know I am basically an RJ guy and do not really deviate from original, yes I like to build clones but the clones are as they would have come off the factory line. The last couple RJ projects have pushed me into building something else. As I really do not have a worker tractor in the family I thought it was time to build one. So I turned to my brother and as usual he found the perfect "must have tractor"... what did he find? A 1967 857. At first glance it was a pretty solid tractor with minimal rust, ran strong with no smoke and most of the original parts were intact. Even with that it did have one major issue... third gear was gone... I mean a real grind fest! With that it started the wheel rolling in my head. I had a lead on a "free" B-60 with an 8-Speed but a tired motor, a perfect swap in my mind... and that's exactly the direction I'm going, blending the best attributes of the 857 with the B-60... I want it to still look like a 857 at first glance but as you look closer you start to see things like the 8-Speed, wider front rims and the seat spring system.
      There is even the thought process of adding a set of vintage lights and upping the HP to a Kohler Magnum 10...
      As usual the entire build will be up step by step on my YouTube channel so please take a look and comment... suggestions are always welcome...