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On 18-6-2017 at 8:26 PM, Whbelguim said:

Here a rj 58 this picture was made by a wheel horse dealer in the Netherlands the first-selling wheel horse in europe of course we found these and is in our collection






potato bucket doesnt work anymore, could you please repost them?

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I thought I'd seen it all, until I saw 'ride em cowboy,' from Neil!


I'm wondering if there are any better pictures of this gang of W/H tractors?


It would also be good to know if this fleet was just stationary or did all this actually move?  If it did move, how did they do it and how was it controlled?  Was just one tractor running and the others were just being pulled?


I wish I could read what the stage coach wagon says on it, I can see that it reads Wheel Horse, but I can't make out what the rest says.


This is super great stuff!!! :)



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4227E3FE-4C0C-4ECC-892A-0B6742D8F9DB.jpegA few more vintage pics for the record 39E4759F-FA2F-4A3A-AB31-F1ABE6A43FDB.jpeg4A741DC6-461B-4704-87C3-A7B05004E553.jpeg

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