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tampa fl area hauling. brandon seffner valrico area

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I can help you haul your horse or most anything. I have long bed pickup and trailer.
trailer is 10' long and 55" on the inside of the side rails. the side rails are 2' tall and are open and so I can haul wider parts.
the bed is made from pressure treated 2x8's
local hauling only withing 50 miles of brandon seffner valrico area.
email me stevecobb76 at gmail dot com.
or you can call me from my buisness website. I just dont want to put my phone # here.
I also have plenty of ropes and straps and a little chain.
I will be installing a winch and generator and air compressor soon.


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      So Ive been wondering just how much torque, and power these well built Tractors actually have. I have pulled a 1500 Full size Chevrolet truck on the flat with my C-160, Hydro, and it never grunted. I was introduced to these awesome machines in 1969 when a cousin would pull wheelies on his old beast on the seemed bullet proof
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      Tomorrow is the first trip with equipment to the new house. One of the advantages of the brand trailer I have (Sure Trac) is that the gate can fold down onto the deck of the trailer. It will be loaded going down but empty returning, With the gate up it feels like I am still towing a parachute. The problem with having the gate down is that the trailer disappears behind my truck. 
      I had bought a pair of 36" snowplow marker guides for the 42" single stage snowthrower a few years ago. They were to help locate the ends when pulling into our side-load garage. But before mounting them I found a shorter pair that worked better. So the longer ones languished on the shelf until today. I had a last minute thought to mount them on the trailer. It should work great.


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