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    • By RedWheelz
      This unit starts and runs good, hydros work good. 
      Brand new battery, never used.
      Front and rear PTO
      Dual brakes
      3 point hitch
      Hour meter does'nt work. Wasn't working when I got it.
      Email me for fastest reply

    • By ken1054wul
      wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180wheel horse D -180Wheel Horse 18 automatic
      Disk brakes
      rear PTO
      Rm59 rear mower
      wheel horse D -180
      Wheel horse D-1802
      Wheel horse D-1802
      Wheel horse D-1806
    • By RedWheelz
      I just got this 74 D-180 for $450.
      Seems to run good, needs choke lever, pto belt, gas tank is a cobble-job, hydros seem to work.
      Just wanted to see what you folks thought. What would you pay?
      Also where can I find a front end loader? They seem hard to come by.
      Sorry for cut-off pics....I didn't take them!

    • By Sarge
      I know in the past someone posted up the sizes/numbers for the o-rings that fit between the hydro pump and the steel lines' manifold blocks on the D-series - I'd imagine the ones at the pump end and rear axle are the same ....?
      Will be changing my pump soon due to the hydro to engine coupler blew out it's splines and took out the shaft along with it . Evidently a trailer weighing around 2.5 tons was too much....
      I'll try to write up a post on how to build a new coupler from a later model C series pump pulley's center ring and a worn D coupler as well - trying to finish up the Ross steering box right now .

    • By tommyg
      OK, for the second time now, something inside the tranny on my D180 has broken the dipstick from the "full" mark down. It's currently inside the bottom of the transmission. Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening? The first time it happened, I noticed that the threaded tube that it travels down was bent. So I thought that was the issue. But the new one is perfectly straight, and the same thing happened again.