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kohler K91 with a windup starter

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    • By Stigian
      Morning all, Nigel and I fired up his
      suburban yesterday and although the engine sounds sweet with no nasty noises the govenor arm does not move freely.
      Cleaning it and a touch of oil has helped a bit but it's still too stiff to move as it should.
      Are we going to have to pull the engine out and pull it apart to see if the problem is internal or will the gov free itself up
      after a while?
      I'm guessing were not the only ones to have this problem, so what did you do to sort it?
      Thanks Guys.
    • By Mike'sHorseBarn
      Tins for my k91 that is on my 401. See the picture below for the specific pieces. PM me if you have some you would like to sell. Thanks!