I was prohibited to start a new topic in the " FAQ & Tips " area so i thought I'd start it here & let a mod move it as it progresses . I thought it would be neat to share some helpful things we've learned over the years to make our life in the garage / shop easier :    After I hit 45 , my up-close vision is starting to fade & stumbled on this little trick to make the sizes easier to read on my sockets . Take some white paint & smear it over the stampings , then wipe off . Some paint will stay in the depression & helps you to see the size .           These flavor injection syringes are available for around 4 bucks in the kitchen utensil aisle at Wal-Mart .  They come with a hose that screws on the end too . I use this from priming my hydraulic brake systems to adding / removing virtually any liquid from nearly anything .       Most of us know the double wrench trick but for those who don't : When theres not enough room for a socket & and a breaker-bar . two combination wrenches can be intertwined when one needs that little bit of extra leverage :       Lastly ( & I'll shoot up more as I think of them ) the foil trick can save your garage floor when draining a seemingly inaccessible diff or tranny plug . Just take a piece of tin-foil & form a trough around a broom handle or something & place under the drain plug .         Sooo...c'mon boys -n- girls , if you have any tricks to share , post 'em up !