Ever since I have owned my C-160 (3 years now), I've had fuel issues. From running out of gas and not re-priming to vapor lock and raw fuel smell in my garage. Last year I installed an electric pump,( Napa # 610 1051) but had issues with fuel running out of the carb after shut off.   I tried a fuel pressure regulator but the piece of crap failed and caused he tractor to not run at all. I switched back to the mech. pump and installed a spare carb. that I rebuilt. Lately I've been having starting problems and fuel leaking from somewhere on the engine and leaving a puddle. Problem was, it would be fine one day and a problem the next. Finally yesterday I was able to catch it in the act of doom! I turned the gas on at a shut off I installed after the filter and fuel started running out of the back side of the pump. That pump is junk. I have a plastic one but I really don't want to install it so close to a hot muffler. I still had the electric pump mounted so why not try again.   I mounted the pump on the hood stand. I have 12V power coming from the coil when the switch is on. I have a 5A fuse inline going to a standard 5 pin relay. I took the auto start out of a car a while back and there were 32,498 of these relays under the dash!   Pump and relay mounted;   My fused connectors. The one from the battery came with my battery tender. Power from the battery goes thru a 10A fuse to the relay. When I want to use the tender I unplug the pump power and connect the tender.   Switch power comes from the ign. coil to the coil in the relay with a 5A fuse.   Area under pump where fuel was literally running out. Not nice next to a hot muffler.   Fuel was running down stained area of the block.   With engine running pump was drawing between 3-8 amps. Meter was jumping all over. It was tough to get a good reading. Important thing to know with a 15A alternator   Ammeter with lights on and at full throttle. Lights off and at idle showed a slight discharge   Engine runs good with no issues with fuel leaking after shutoff. I'm not happy about the amount of amperage it takes to run the pump but we will see what happens. Glad I ran power through a relay instead of right from the switch.