The Professor has kindly agreed to lead me by the hand in my efforts to make a tach. Hopefully I can make it pretty too. My vision is for a robust piece of test equipment that can be pulled out to measure RPMs on my kohler singles and possibly my onan twin. As far as the case, I have a small metal toolbox(I'll get measurements this weekend) I got at a flea market. I also have some kydex sheets that i use for making sheaths and holsters. I think this combo will turn out a strong and usable product. For the dislay, either digital or analog is fine with me. Digital may be more accurate though? If I can make it look nice, I may even see if I can get Vinlyguy to do a one-off decal for the tach-a-matic 5000! I'm thinking it may be neat to copy this into an onboard unit for a rat build I have in my head.