one thing i was concerned about when i first got the c160 was the wiring harness. at one time or another the wiring (starting circuit- im sure) got really hot and melted some wiring insulation and obviously took out some wiring. the previous owner had wired in a push switch to turn over the kohler. well i have wanted to rewire the whole tractor and tonight removed the harness to use as a pattern. wiring on these tractors isnt new to me, having remade harnesses for both the 1054 and 1057 when the tractors were rebuilt. the c160 uses gm 'packard' style connectors (terminals in plastic plugs) instead of the older style connectors found on the 50s and 60s wh tractors. so i need to source the terminals from somewhere and also get myself a good crimping tool designed for these terminals. upon inspection the ignition switch plug has endured some heat, and although its still holding the terminals just fine, i will probably swap this out too, along with new wiring. the lighting circuit looks fine from a quick inspection, so i will just be replacing the main harness..... heres some pics so far documenting my progress. first of all i needed to remove the harness. of course the first step would be to disconnect the battery, then i repositioned the gas tank to get to the ignition and wiring etc to disconnect behind the dash. then the coil +, starter solenoid connections, seat safety switch, ammeter, rectifier, and removed the harness from the tractor. the previous owner installed switch needed to be removed as well... the 'extra' wiring for turning over the starter..... in order to just get the harness off the tractor the bat+ wire that hooks to the rectifier plug needs to be removed as well. its the one wire that is closest to my thumb in the pic. its sort of the odd one out, is the way i look at it, the two wires on the right of the plug go to the stator on the engine. the two single plugs further to the right connect to the ammeter. to remove these type connections i use a wiring terminal tool. this works on most of the gm type terminals, and probably others too. the round ones are used for the newer weatherpak type connectors, but for what we want to do the thin flat type tool is needed. just push the tool into the socket on the side of the terminal that looks to have a small space for a tool such as this. there is a tang on the terminal that will release as the tool pushes pass it. then you just need to gently pull on the wire to remove it from the plug.... the seat switch wiring passes through this area so this needs to be fed out towards the engine after disconnecting the switch under the seat.... now we remove the wiring carefully, the harness right where it got hot was very brittle so in order to use it as a pattern, i needed to be careful and not break it fishing it out from under the hood stand. heres what damage we are dealing with. i think the ignition switch is ok but just to be on the safe side, in going to test it before replacing the wiring. i dont really want to deal with unnecessary trouble shooting when the new harness is installed. now i need to go and shop around for some terminals and a decent crimping tool, i have plenty of wiring laying around, but may purchase some of the nice marine wire that is talked about on the forum every now and again. if any of you electrical gurus out there have good suppliers for the terminals and wiring etc, i would appreciate some leads to cut down on some of my searching.... once i have all my supplies we will get into making up a harness using the original one as a pattern...... i think this wiring diagram represents my harness, looks like the previous owner but the push button switch in the red wire that runs from the pto interlock to the starter solenoid 'trigger' using the terminals that would connect to that safety switch.