I borrowed this information from Lane Ranger ..... Lane has started a mini campaign to get this company to start manufacturing the 1533 bearing again..... This is the bearing company that has made the #1533 bearing for the Toro and Wheel Horse Companies. The #1533 (Toro and Wheel horse Part Number) bearing is no longer being made even though this part is integral to over 246 models of Wheel Horse garden tractors that are still operating -some over 50 years old or more! Please LIKE this company on Facebook and encourage them to starting remaking the 1533 bearing for lots of potential customers! Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) PACAMOR KUBAR BEARINGS (PKB) Miniature, Precision, and Instrument Ball Bearings are manufactured to the highest degree of quality and workmanship. PACAMOR KUBAR BEARINGS (PKB) manufactures for industries such as aerospace, aircraft instrument, medical and dental instruments, computers, flow meters,... Here is there Contact us page Send them a mesage http://www.pacamor.com/contact/index.php If your on facebook like them here and comment on their wall .... I did lets get these babies produced again http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pacamor-Kubar-Bearings-PKB/163112190312
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