I have a bunch of tires I need to mount, etc. so I thought I would spring for one of these mini tire changers at HF http://www.harborfre...nger-34552.html I know you can use screwdrivers, pry bars, hammers or whatever, but I got this on sale for $33 with coupon so I thought what the heck . . . I'm a tool guy. Started out with these two front tires on my lawn non-WH tractor. They both had leaks and needed filled every few days. If I have to go to the work of dismounting, I'm not screwing with a tubes when the tire itself is worn out anyway. Dismounting was a breeze and both tires were off no time flat Bead breaker works great. I mounted the whole thing on a bench and the top of the mounter is removable. Fix-A-Flat worked good for a year or two, but I would not recommend it because it gums up your rims and is a pain to clean off. I got these tires from eTires.com for $15 each. It's a non-WH turf only tractor, so durability/quality/etc were not a concern. Their shipping method is very simple, which I guess offsets the cost. The down side is they are hard to get re-spread for the bead to seat. At first I thought this would work good after watching YouTube videos (straps didn't do anything - Maybe if the tire was in a regular shape) MOV06359.MPG Maybe I needed more starting fluid or more ball$ (or perhaps God did not want me to die in a furious garage fire at the tender age of 47 before Olde Tyme Days) . . . so I decided to give them a bug hug while pushing air in with the valve stem core removed and eventually got them seated. After researching several forums I found that 303 Protectant (or the Turtle Wax version) was an excellent lube for various reasons. If your rim is clean you will not need tubes for the same reasons your car does not need tubes. CLEAN rim seat+good lube=leak free seal. Check it with water when done to make sure there are no bubbles. If so, beat the tire with a large poly or rubber hammer near the rim a few times. That may do it. If not, break the seat/CLEAN/lube/re-seat. Dip the whole works in a tub of water and make sure there are no leaks, Bottom line is for a little money if you want another tool to play with, it works pretty good. I think there is a YouTube video showing it's use too. I saw some reviews about bending the mounting bar, but I think if you have enough lube and are using it for it's intended application in the manner it's supposed to be used it will work. Hope this was helpful. Before you ask, if you have rim that is large enough to be placed on a regular garage tire machine . . . don't use this. I take mine to a local garage and have the tires on/off in minutes for few bucks (or free if you have a friend) :orcs-cheers: