Ever since I've owned my 76 C-160, I've had fuel pump issues. They will pump like crazy if I move the lever by hand. But on the engine I can't seem to get any while cranking. If I fill the bowl and get it running it will stay running. If I run out of gas, I have to fill the bowl again. Lately with the hot weather I've had fuel starvation issues. I have gotten several pumps and they all do the same thing. I'm starting to get the feeling my cam lobe is worn down. So with no grass growing,no rain in sight and at least a couple of weeks before I might have to mow again, I've decided to bite the bullet and install an electric pump like Brian miller suggests. Got a Facet universal pump from Napa. Part # 6101051. About 60 bucks after I cut loose with the tax. Pump mounted on hood tower. I used 1 existing bolt and marked the other hole. Harness made up for the power from the coil. I'll run a 5 amp fuse in the holder and power a relay from the ignition circuit. I got a common relay that is used in many cars. I just so happened to have a remote starter that I tore out of my son's car that had 5 of them. Got spares! I'm supplying power to the pump from a battery tender harness I already had on the tractor. Plug and play. The ignition circuit turns on the relay so the tractor wiring itself only operates the relay coil. The tender harness supplies the pump and there's a 10 amp fuse in that.Hooked it all up and just bumped the key and the little pump putters! All that left is the fuel line connections but it's too hot. I had the A/C on in the shop but when I'm fooling with gas I want the door open. More to come