During my daily CL cruise, I came across an add for a D200. It was a little farther than i wanted to venture so i made an offer on just the 3PTH. He replied back that he didnt know where it started or ended and didnt really want to mess with parting it out. He said if it didnt sell soon he was calling the scrapper. So i made and offer on the whole tractor. He accepted and we made arraignments. So after an all day road trip the D200 is at it new home. It has sat in a shed for about 15 years with the rear end torn out of it. The PO busted the diff in it and had taken apart to repair it. He never got around to it, although he had some of the replacement parts. The PO died several years ago and his son had to get rid of the tractor because the shed was falling in and nobody wanted the tractor. It took us about 3.5 hours to get up there (did I mention my lovely wife went with me and had fun). The drive was beautiful, didnt realize Roanoke was in the mountains, my wife loves the mountains. The GPS took us straight to his house, he (the son) greeted us and made us feel at home. We talked a little then he took me to see the gem. Even with its rearend torn out and the sheet metal pieces laying around it, I knew I had a keeper. He had rigged up a rear axle out of threaded rod and some cheap wheels. We had to pull it up the drive way with the truck, did i mention Roanoke was in the mountains? We got it to the road and hooked the trailer back up and loaded the tractor on it. Then we started hauling parts and boxes from the basement up to the truck. Everything for the tractor and rearend was there, bolts, nuts, bits and pieces. During this time we talked alot, we are both in the same industry and had a few stories to share. It made the trip much more personable that way. Anyway it took us a little longer since we had to go back a different way to pick up the kids at the inlaws. I finally got home and had a chance to look over the tractor a little more carefully, I checked the hour meter. It has only 200 hours on it and i believe it. The other goodies that came with it are: Rear PTO Turning brakes Original luxury seat with no tears Complete 3PTH including factory toplink 1975 accessories brochure Even the dash light is still there. I finally had some time to look things over. Nobody knows the story behind the rearend being taken apart but here is a list of what I have found: Broken hub that has been brazed (well done) back together Disc from turning brake (on same hub) has worn about halfway through on one side from the brake pad. Po had built up worn area with braze, but never finished grinding it down. Axle shaft splined end had mushroomed, but broken spider gear had been removed. Guessing the PO has mushroomed it after gear removal Broken spider gear from axle, had 3 teeth missing but everything else good Most of the pinion gears had busted teeth Diff side cover was split, allowing 2 pinions to fall out. I have no idea what the sequence of events were that lead to this failure. The bad thing is that, as far as I can tell, everything was ready to be put back together. There is a replacement diff side cover, replacement pinions (except 1), replacement axle gear. All nuts and bolts are there too. So far the only thing i have had to do is get 1 additional pinion and do some file work to the axles splined end so that the new gear will fit. I will try having a new disc made for the brake and might have to fab up one brake pad. Other than that I hope to have it put back together in a week or two. Today my extra pinions arrived along with the grade 9 bolts for the diff. I should be able to start getting it back together tomorrow. Here are some pics of it arriving at its new home. Here is a little walk around vid that i made today.