well the 1057 is apart. the trans was out two months ago as i was messing around with putting an 8 speed in the 1057 just to see what it was like. since then its just been sitting while ive been messing around with a few kohlers i picked up and for the last week been working on the 3 speed (5058). theres a thread on that in the transmission section, if youre interested. since i was at a standstill tonight on the trans,(waiting for another bearing for the input shaft) i decided to get the 1057 apart so i can strip and blast the frame and front crossmember. since this thing is really worn out , i have a bunch of work to do with the pivot in the front and steering joints etc. i dont think the po ever got any grease up in the areas where it was needed, but definitely got it everywhere else. most of it was cleaned off when i first got this thing, and tomorrow the burn oven will take care of the rest of it..