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1972 Raider 8

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Well, here they are... PICTURES!! LOL!


This is a pic of my Wheel Horse and my shop buddy, Barney.


Here is a front end shot of my old Raider. Never mind the seat. Duct tape was used to hold the seat together just until I find a new seat.


A picture of the Kohler 8hp


Proof its a Raider 8


Wheel Horse..... OOOOOHHH YEAAHH! :scratchead:

Its a work in progress and I am getting it together peice by peice.. The seat looks like crap but, duct tape was all I had to at least patch the seat for the time being until I get another seat.. Fixed income sucks! Anyhoo.... Hope you guys like the pics and I hope to get more on here as soon as possible!

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