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654 Narrow Front

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Heres some pics of the 654 I've been working on for sometime. Sorry I don't have start to finish pics on this one- this was started during a camera transition for me. And these were actually cellphone pics so I hope they are decent.

I kept the front spindle as far forward as I could without moving out front of the frame end. Its a 2:1 ratio done with chain and sprockets with a stop in it which will let the tires turn perpendicular to the frame but no farther. I swapped in a 8-speed and the Kohler M-8 out of a 308-8. The rear tires are 23x10.50 Duros and the fronts are 3.50x6. I blasted it, sprayed it with etching primer then Valspar Restoration Series IH Red covered in Slick and Quick Clear. Also added a set of WheelHorse cultis,some cast iron rear horse weights, a red/white seat cover( sorry- still in plastic- keepin clean for Kellys show!) Also a Brrly front aluminum weight that I did a sand and buff job on, and a welded up exhaust stack with a stainless turnout. This tractor goes to the guy driving it- he is graduating to a bigboy tractor ( even though the feet are still just shy of the pedals) and I'm selling off his Bantam. He's a very happy Farmer tonite!





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