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"Custom" B215.5-5 ?

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Below is a picture of my 1985 B211-3. I bought this little tractor new in '85 along with a 37" s/d Mower Deck. And, over the years I have added some "extras" just because I liked them, or needed them.

I have added ( just for fun ) a High Back Seat. Steering Wheel Spinner Knob, Longer Shift Lever & PTO Lever, Full Cover Chromed Wheel Horse Hub Caps, ATV Rear Tires, Horse Head Hood Ornament, and a Custom "Stack" Exaust System .

I have added ( because I needed too :thumbs2: ) a new 15.5 h.p. Briggs engine in place of the original 11 h.p. Briggs, and a new 5 speed transaxle in place of the original 3 speed transaxle. That 5 speed adds that "creeper gear" for heavy deep grass cutting, and that 15.5 h.p. really spins the blades on that mower deck :thumbs: .

That little 24 year old tractor has cut 2 acres of grass every week in season, without fail ( except for the engine and transaxle replacement :ychain: ). The paint is ORIGINAL. It has always been serviced as required, washed after use, and garaged kept. I use this tractor, but as you can see, when you take care of something, it takes care of you. LONG LIVE THE HORSE - "WHEEL HORSE OF COURSE" .

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